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Staff Spotlight: Meet Jasmin - Paradise Galleries

Staff Spotlight: Meet Jasmin

Creativity comes so naturally to Jasmin. Her playful approach seamlessly translates ideas & imagination to wonderful designs that she crafts. An out-of-the-box thinker, she is truly an inspiration to us all! Meet her and learn what role she plays in Paradise Galleries Team! 
National Wellness Month - Paradise Galleries

National Wellness Month

Dolls have shown to provide safety and comfort in moments of difficulties. They provide the experience of holding and nurturing a baby once more—rekindling all the happy memories of parenting. As we promote self-care and wellness, we’ve asked some of our PG doll moms on how dolls are helping them manage their stress during this uncertain time.
Back To School with PG Dolls - Paradise Galleries

Back To School with PG Dolls

Families are now considering cyberschooling and virtual learning at home with the need for education to continue as more and more schools decide to stay shut. It may be truly challenging while we are still finding balance in juggling many roles as ever… don’t forget that we have our community to support each other. Here are few ways on how dolls can help your homeschoolers!

Fabulous Like Mommy - Paradise Galleries

Fabulous Like Mommy

Love has been our constant source of inspiration in Paradise Galleries, from working all together as a team, to creating our dolls, and providing compassionate service to our customers. It truly warms our hearts to witness how our precious dolls get considered like a real member of a family
Fan of the Month - Jessica Thompson - Paradise Galleries

Fan of the Month - Jessica Thompson

Meet Jessica Thompson, our Paradise Galleries July Fan of the Month! Jessica has been a strong supporter of Paradise Galleries for years, and we always love seeing her photos of her babies on Facebook. 
Read more about why Jessica loves her PG babies.
Lil' Rascal - Paradise Galleries

Lil' Rascal

Too cute & friendly to spook! Inspired by clever critters in the woods, we are so thrilled to welcome this irresistible baby boy into our family and into yours, too! 

Fan of the Month - Lynette McCullough - Paradise Galleries

Fan of the Month - Lynette McCullough

We are thrilled to announce Lynette McCullough as our Paradise Galleries June Fan of the Month! We are so appreciative of her support of our brand on social media, especially in the Friends of Paradise Galleries Facebook Group! 😍
Read more about why Lynette loves Paradise Galleries and being a doll collector.
Staff Spotlight - Meet Elma - Paradise Galleries

Staff Spotlight - Meet Elma

For this month's spotlight, we are happy to introduce our Senior Director of Product Development, Elma! Her dash of creativity and a brimful cup of passion makes all the magic happens in Paradise Galleries HQ! Take a peek & meet Elma as she shares some wonderful facts about herself!
Bonding With Your Baby - Paradise Galleries

Bonding With Your Baby

Many reborn moms and dads find it truly comforting and therapeutic to spend time with their reborn babies. Holding them close to the heart, or even just by staring at them is already a great activity to unwind and relax after a long tiring day at work. Some love to bring them to the grocery store, or carry them for a quick stroll to the park where many would mistake them as a real baby! Truly, the companionship these dolls provide helps in so many ways, and one of them is to help us cope up with strenuous events and thoughts, such as during this hard time where we are all encouraged to stay at home. 

Memorial Day - Paradise Galleries

Memorial Day

This year's Memorial Day is quite different from the past years. As we remember our humbling history while doing our tiny part by staying at home and abiding by social-distanced guidelines, there are more activities that we can do at the comfort of our home with our family to celebrate this month’s thoughtful occasion. 
Fan of the Month - Springflower - Paradise Galleries

Fan of the Month - Springflower

Meet Springflower, our Paradise Galleries May Fan of the Month! We are always thrilled to see her touching photos and videos of her PG babies on her Instagram account @springslittleflowerbuds and her Youtube channel.  
Learn more about Springflower and why she loves about Paradise Galleries!

Quick Tip: How to Fix Your Reborn Doll’s Mohair

Reborn artists dedicate countless days and nights to create these beautiful reborn babies that we cradle in our arms today. These treasures are crafted with fine techniques and delicate materials such as Faux Mohair to make them more lifelike and closer to the look of real babies. Learn how to take care of your babies' delicate hair here! 

International Day of Families with Paradise Galleries - Paradise Galleries

International Day of Families with Paradise Galleries

It truly warms our hearts to witness our dolls be part of your families. It makes us really happy to see our reborn babies find homes in the comfort of your arms and share memories worth cherishing. With our dedicated hearts, we strive to bring cuddles & joy to every home, and make this world a little better for everyone. 
Staff Spotlight - Meet Rocio! - Paradise Galleries

Staff Spotlight - Meet Rocio!

Paradise Galleries is truly blessed with the most creative and passionate team who genuinely wants to bring happiness through our dolls across the world. Seeing cheerful smiles from our customers brings us encouragement & happiness, and one of our team members who makes that happen is our Customer Service Manager, Rocio. Learn a bit about her and discover her favorite PG doll!
Spreading Joy and Cuddles this Mother's Day - Paradise Galleries

Spreading Joy and Cuddles this Mother's Day

Thank you to our Paradise Galleries family for helping us in giving back to the senior community during this time. We have chosen 3 assisted living centers from your nominations to donate our dolls to, and we are grateful that with your help, we were able to send the residents our reborn dolls to fill their arms and their hearts with love.

Meet our breathtaking reborn baby, Hanami! - Paradise Galleries

Meet our breathtaking reborn baby, Hanami!

Let the cherry blossoms bloom in your nursery with our ever-charming Hanami! Meet our new reborn baby doll whose beauty will captivate you. 
2020 Happy Mother's Day - Paradise Galleries

2020 Happy Mother's Day

We wish all the moms and moms at heart a Happy Mother’s Day! As we look forward to this very special day, the mothers in the Paradise Galleries team are happy to share their most favorite parenting memories.
Fan of the Month - Gina Reardon - Paradise Galleries

Fan of the Month - Gina Reardon

Meet Gina Reardon, our Paradise Galleries April Fan of the Month! We always love seeing her sweet and heartwarming photos of her babies on her Instagram account, @mama_gina_reborns. 
Learn more about Gina and why she loves collecting Paradise Galleries dolls!

Mother's Day Gift Guide - Paradise Galleries

Mother's Day Gift Guide

This Mother's Day, give the precious gift of cuddles and comfort with our collection of realistic dolls. Read our gift guide for our selection of beautiful dolls that will take Mom's breath away! 

Say hello to Spring with our new baby, Lucky Ducky! - Paradise Galleries

Say hello to Spring with our new baby, Lucky Ducky!

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Meet our beautiful Spring-themed baby, Lucky Ducky, who personified everything we love about the season! Learn more about this breathtaking doll and the concept behind her creation.
World Health Day - How Reborn Dolls Benefit Health - Paradise Galleries

World Health Day - How Reborn Dolls Benefit Health

Today onWorld Health Day, we recognize how important for all of us to focus on our well-being as we are navigating this period of isolation, with people around the world staying home and social-distancing. Whilereborn doll collectors understand the importance of keeping their dolls close for comfort and security, dolls also help tremendously with providing support for anxiety, depression and stress. Read our blog to learn the connection between dolls and mental health. 

How Dolls Help Support Kids - Paradise Galleries

How Dolls Help Support Kids


With children social distancing and staying at home, it is so important, now more than ever, for them to find comfort in play. Play has always been a focal point for the development of children, and playing with dolls in particular has been proven to have many benefits for a child’s social and cognitive growth. Here are a few ways that dolls can help support our children during this time.


Nominate a Nursing Home - Paradise Galleries

Nominate a Nursing Home


Now more than ever, we are committed to giving back to those in the elderly community who are being restricted from visits from their loved ones during this time. But we need your help! Read our blog to nominate a nursing home to which we will donate our dolls, bringing those in assisted care facilities love and companionship!
Home Activities With Your Babies - Paradise Galleries

Home Activities With Your Babies


Read of list of activities that you can do with your baby dolls while you are staying home!