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Newborn Dolls

These lifelike newborn baby dolls are ready to go home with you and get settled into their new nursery. Our newborn baby dolls feature realistic proportions and features. Cradle these newborn dolls in your arms and give yourself the opportunity to nurture a little newborn doll.

Our Paradise Galleries lifelike newborn baby dolls are sculpted by Master Doll Artists Ping Lau, Sherri Williams, Jannie de Lange, Pat Moulton, Laura Lee Eagles, Angela Anderson, Emily Jameson, Lisa Olson, and Jen Printy. Each realistic newborn baby doll is made from vinyl using our proprietary GentleTouch and FlexTouch technologies. Our newborn baby dolls are handcrafted with love and their features are hand-painted. Their eyelashes are hand-applied, and their eyes are hand-set for a truly one-of-a-kind realism to each and every doll that we produce.

Each lifelike newborn baby doll is a true collectible and comes with a complete ensemble, with accessories including blankets, bassinets, teething rings, plush companions, extra outfits, hats, and baby booties. These collectible newborn dolls are exceptionally cuddly and cozy. Whether you’re looking for a boy or girl, sleeping or awake, we have a newborn doll that you’ll love. Hoot! Hoot! is one of our best-sellers and it’s not hard to see why — that overbite and his adorably tiny features make everyone want to snuggle with him. Over the Mooon is peacefully napping with her cow companion. Meanwhile, Sleepy Frog is fighting sleep and in a perpetual yawn. There’s also our Baby Bundles, which each include a snuggly blanket for your newborn baby doll.

Our realistic newborn baby dolls are waiting for you to take them home and hold them in your loving embrace. Each lifelike newborn baby doll is backed by the Paradise Promise, so we guarantee that you’ll love our dolls as much as we do!