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We are dedicated to bringing the magic of hand-made dolls to customers all over the world. Meet the talented artists who intricately and lovingly create and conceptualize our dolls!


Our in-house doll designer, Carly, works with world renowned artists to bring their handmade sculpts to life. After the artists send their head sculpts to Carly, she begins to conceptualize each doll. Based on what Carly knows about our Paradise Galleries customers, she then designs their outfit, accessories and overall theme. Each doll is handcrafted and unique to each customer when it arrives at your home. 

Diane holding our mystical doll Pixie.


 Jannie’s passions for dolls started during a childhood visit to a doll show that exposed her to the world of hand sculpted dolls. On her return, she immediately enrolled in a sculpting class and hasn’t looked back since! Sculpting her own dolls since 1994, Jannie quickly developed her own style and has been nominated for an array of awards, including the Vinyl-doll Nischi at Paradise Galleries for the Dolls Award of Excellence in 2010.

Her most popular PG sculpts:
Wishes and Dreams, Fiercely Loved, and Cuddle Bear Bella.

Wishes and Dreams by Jannie De Lange


Born in Monterrey, Mexico, Mayra grew up in an extremely creative environment, surrounded by artistic activities. Her love for children led her into a career in preschool education, providing the opportunity to observe children’s faces and expressions. Mayra started sculpting her first doll back in 2000, she has won numerous prestigious awards for her work, and some of her dolls are exhibited at the Dolls Museum in Czech Republic.

Her most popular PG sculpts:
Forever Yours™ Beloved and Treasure , and Free Spirit.

View Mayra Garza's Collection

Forever Yours™ Treasure by Mayra Garza


Raised and educated in Singapore, Ping Lau started experimenting with doll sculpting in 1989. Taking several years to hone her skills, her dolls receive tremendous response and recognition whenever they are shown and are occasionally mistaken for real children.

Her most popular PG sculpts:
Su-Lin, Over the Moon and Baby Mei. 

View Ping Lau's  Collection

Baby Mei by Ping Lau


Pat Moulton’s love of dolls started early and has carried on over a 30 year sculpting career and resulted in multiple awards. As an experienced artist, Pat loves seeing her vision become a reality through the clay that she uses. Her family is at the core of her inspiration, with five grandchildren helping spur on her ideas and her master mold maker husband, Garel, supporting her every step of the way.

Her most popular PG sculpts:
So Much Fun, Hannah& Harley and Baby Michelle 

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So Much Fun by Pat Moulton


 Lisa Olson has been sculpting baby dolls since 2006 and has been the recipient of several prestigious awards from Dolls Magazine. The pure innocence and beauty of babies is what gives Lisa her inspiration. As an avid doll collector herself, Lisa’s motto is: “You’re never too old to play with dolls” 

Her most popular PG sculpts:
Chunky Monkey and Baby Bundles: All the Ladies Love Me 

View Lisa Olson's  Collection

Baby Bundles: All The Ladies Love Me by Lisa Olsen


Hailing from the Italian village of Seborga, Fiorenza's European roots really come through in her artistry. Fiorenza began sculpting small dolls made with salt-paste and polymer clay. After attending some training courses, she started to work with fabric dolls and then started making porcelain dolls.  One of her biggest inspirations is the world of fantasy. She loves sculpting fairies, gnomes and pixies too!

Her most popular PG sculpts:
Forever Yours™ Angel, Pixie Girl, and Pearl Little Mermaid 

View Fiorenza Biancheri's  Collection

Forever Yours™ Angel by Fiorenza Biancheri


Sherri has loved dolls her whole life, making them during her childhood out of wood, porcelain, fabric and anything else she could get her hands on. While she’s always been sculpting with clay, in 1995 she started creating dolls out of clay, establishing her professional doll making career. Sherri now spends her days creating beautiful dolls, capturing the precious memories from her own children’s childhoods in her creations.

Her most popular PG sculpts:
Baby Bundles: Never Grow up and Lil’ Man In the Moon

View Sherri Williams's  Collection

Lil' Man in the Moon by Sherri Williams