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Paradise Galleries offers the highest-quality vinyl collectible baby dolls. Each baby boy is comparable to a reborn baby boy or a silicone baby boy, with expert craftsmanship and quality in every single doll that we produce. These sweet baby boy dolls have handsome faces and unique personalities. Each reborn-like baby boy comes with a complete ensemble that reflects their distinct personality with adorable animals and plush companions. These baby boy dolls are incredibly lifelike and include true-to-life details that you won’t find anywhere else, like hand-painted features and hand-applied eyelashes.

We offer a variety of ethnicities and ages for our reborn-like baby boys, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect match for your collection. Our dolls are constructed from GentleTouch vinyl or FlexTouch vinyl, which are comparable to silicone baby boys found elsewhere. Our vinyl baby boy dolls are also sturdier and resist tearing better than silicone baby boys.

Sharkey is ready for a day at the beach with a beach blanket, shark teething ring, and baseball cap. Lil’ Man in the Moon is napping and Sock Monkey Business is dreaming of all the fun he had that day, while Hoot! Hoot! is ready to be snuggled and cooed over. Sleepy Frog is in a perpetual yawn as he winds down from a busy day.

These boy dolls are also perfectly paired with our girl baby dolls for a complete family of brothers and sisters. Finnpairs perfectly with Molly for a twin set that completes your family!

At Paradise Galleries, we stand behind each and every boy doll that we produce. We know that you’ll love your baby boy doll as much as we do. Whether it’s snuggle time or play time, these rough-and-tumble boys are ready to go on an adventure with you!