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GentleTouch Vinyl

Our Paradise Galleries vinyl dolls are made from either GentleTouch Vinyl or FlexTouch Vinyl. Our GentleTouch vinyl baby dolls have a weighted soft cloth body that makes them feel amazingly real. These vinyl baby dolls are so realistic and lifelike that it will be like adopting a new member into the family! Each vinyl doll comes with the accessories shown, a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, and an exquisite collector’s box.

Our GentleTouch vinyl is a proprietary formula for our vinyl doll’s skin. These vinyl baby dolls are expertly handcrafted, with hand-painted features, hand-applied eyelashes, and hand-set eyes. Each vinyl doll that is made from GentleTouch vinyl is soft to the touch, more resilient than silicone baby dolls, and molded from artist’s sculpts to be extremely detailed and lifelike. With our GentleTouch vinyl baby dolls, it will be like you are holding a real-life newborn baby doll in your arms.

GentleTouch vinyl is a decadently soft and luxurious vinyl with the feel of real, baby-smooth skin. This vinyl creates the real baby feel that you’re looking for in your vinyl baby dolls. Baby dolls handcrafted in GentleTouch vinyl are snuggly soft with lifelike features carefully sculpted from vinyl molds. Vinyl baby dolls are able to show all the wrinkles, chubby baby rolls, and lines of a real-life baby, creating some of the most lifelike baby dolls available. GentleTouch vinyl dolls will look like real-life newborns from the wrinkles on their hands to their adorable chubby cheeks.

Our GentleTouch vinyl baby dolls feature details and a level of realism that you won’t find anywhere else. These vinyl dolls are an affordable alternative to silicone baby dolls and reborn baby dolls. With so many lifelike dolls to choose from, you’re sure to find the GentleTouch vinyl baby doll that’s perfect for you.