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Ho Ho Ho, Holidays are coming earlier than you think. - Paradise Galleries

Ho Ho Ho, Holidays are coming earlier than you think.

He’s here to spread holiday cheer, far and near... Meet Elf! A very special, limited edition Paradise Galleries doll, heading to a shelf near you.
Reborns With Reasons - Paradise Galleries

Reborns With Reasons

To celebrate Senior Citizen's day, Paradise Galleries has partnered with our guest blogger Jaime Beebe from Reborns with Reasons, to highlight the emotional support found from using reborn dolls as a therapy support tool. Her work is providing so much joy to many, and we can't wait to share her story with our Paradise Galleries fans. 
She has a heartbeat! Feel a deeper connection with Sleeping Tall Dreams - Paradise Galleries

She has a heartbeat! Feel a deeper connection with Sleeping Tall Dreams

Just like babies, each and every Paradise Galleries doll in special in their own way, but Sleeping Tall Dreams is extremely unique. For the first time in Paradise Galleries Reborn history, you'll be able to snuggle up with your doll and feel her heart beat against your chest for a truly magical bond.

Hush Little Baby, Meet Lullaby Llama - Paradise Galleries

Hush Little Baby, Meet Lullaby Llama

She's the picture of peaceful perfection- soft and cozy and ready for you to take in her fresh baby smell. We're delighted to welcome Lullaby Llama to our nursery. Hush little baby, it’s time for sleep. Our darling Lullaby Llama is ready to drift off into dreamland, wrapped in your warm embrace.
Creamsicle Cutie Launch - Paradise Galleries

Creamsicle Cutie Launch

Creamsicle Cutie was born from idyllic summer days, enjoying a cold Popsicle to beat the heat! She's so cute you'll want to bring her on all of your summer adventures!
The Making of Pearl Little Mermaid - Paradise Galleries

The Making of Pearl Little Mermaid

In a sea of fish, Pearl Little Mermaid is the doll of your wildest dreams. We're proud to welcome this magical little girl to our collection of dolls. Seashells, seaweed and fish scales are all incorporated into Pearl Little Mermaid's ensemble to make her the most magical girl you've ever laid your eyes on.

K-Pop - Paradise Galleries


he curtains opened on our spunky K-Pop last month, and she's taken the Paradise Galleries world by storm ever since! Read on to see the inspiration behind our starry eyed music star.
The Boys in Blue - Paradise Galleries

The Boys in Blue

The boys in blue are ready to celebrate Memorial Day weekend! Noah's Ark, Lions, Tigers & Bears, Oh My! and Wonderfully Made are excited for a fun filled weekend together. Weather permitting, they're hoping to spend their 3-day weekend outside enjoying the sunshine.
Daddy's Girl, Just In Time for Father's Day! - Paradise Galleries

Daddy's Girl, Just In Time for Father's Day!

Paradise Galleries is proud to announce the arrival of Daddy's Girl, just in time for Father's Day. She's the apple of his eye & he's the comfort in her heart. Give a warm welcome to the newest addition to the PG family, Daddy's Girl.

The Sculpting Artist behind Pixie Girl - Paradise Galleries

The Sculpting Artist behind Pixie Girl

Pixie Girl has sprinkled her magic and stolen the hearts of Paradise Galleries friends and family alike. Every magical detail from her spirited Pixie ears, to her mystical attire makes Pixie one of our most enchanting companions to date. We caught up with the artist behind the Pixie Girl Sculpt, Fiorenza Biancheri to chat about her career and the inspiration behind her work.
Mother's Day Gift Guide - Paradise Galleries

Mother's Day Gift Guide

At Paradise Galleries, we know most of our community is made up of moms, grandmas, aunts, sisters, wives & friends. To make them happy this Mother's Day, why don't you spoil them with one of our dolls? No matter who you choose, each of our dolls are bound to bring love to every household they go to.
Pixie Girl - Paradise Galleries

Pixie Girl

Paradise Galleries is proud to announce the arrival of our very first magical spirit, Pixie Girl. Promised to sprinkle a little bit of pixie dust wherever she goes, Pixie Girl is a welcome addition to the PG family.

Free Spirit - Paradise Galleries

Free Spirit

Wild at heart, her beautiful spirit will surely call out to yours! Meet our radiant Free Spirit, the latest doll in our collection, whose sculpt won a 2019 DOLLS Award of Excellence.
Farm Fresh Boy - Paradise Galleries

Farm Fresh Boy

Fresh off the farm, these chubby cheeks and big blue eyes will be sure to capture your heart. We're delighted to welcome Farm Fresh Boy to our nursery.
In the Spotlight: Meet Diane! - Paradise Galleries

In the Spotlight: Meet Diane!

We want you, the customer, to know a bit more about the people behind the dolls you love so much so that's why we've created "Staff Spotlight". Each month, we will feature 1 of our team members so you feel like you know us a little bit better. First up is Diane, our in house doll designer, who has designed some of our most beloved dolls, including Pixie Girl

Happy Mother's Day! - Paradise Galleries

Happy Mother's Day!

We're wishing all the Moms, Grandmas, Aunts, Sisters, Wives and Friends a Happy Mother's Day! To celebrate this day, we asked the moms on our Paradise Galleries team what their favorite part about being a Mom is.
Let's Celebrate Children's Day Together - Paradise Galleries

Let's Celebrate Children's Day Together

Paradise Galleries is proud to announce the arrival of our Children's Day doll. For each Children's Day doll sold, we will donate $10 to Words Alive, a non-profit ensuring all children have access to books and are taught how to read. 
Not Your Average Easter Gift Guide 🐰💝 - Paradise Galleries

Not Your Average Easter Gift Guide 🐰💝

Come Easter, you have two options: You can fill Easter baskets with chocolate and candy or you can avoid the sugar-high all together and instead, fill their baskets with a loving and joyful Paradise Galleries doll. If you're leaning towards the latter, we've gathered our favorite dolls that make the perfect Easter gift. Time to hop right into our Easter Gift Guide! 

Take your Reborn Doll in the Car Pool Lane! - Paradise Galleries

Take your Reborn Doll in the Car Pool Lane!

We have some very exciting news to share! As of today, April 1st 2019, anyone in the United States is allowed to drive in the carpool lane* if you have a reborn doll in the car with you! Yes, that's right! If you have a reborn or reborn-like doll with you, you can drive in the carpool lane - how exciting! 
so much fun

What do you do to have SO MUCH FUN?

A bundle of fun has arrived and she's adorable! No matter what you do for fun, So Much Fun can't wait to join you on your adventures! In celebration of this new doll, we asked the Paradise Galleries team what they do for fun! Now we want to hear from you! Please let us know in the comments what you do for fun! 
100 Companies Who Care - Paradise Galleries

100 Companies Who Care

At Paradise Galleries, our passion goes beyond just creating dolls. We love seeing the impact our dolls have on our customers; it is much more than just a doll to them. Our dolls provide many people with comfort and joy during difficult times. For many years, we've donated dolls to those who are less fortunate and cannot afford to purchase one. We're always looking for new ways to give back to the community so this past year, we joined an organization called "100 Companies Who Care". 

Spreading the Love This Holiday Season - Paradise Galleries

Spreading the Love This Holiday Season

This past holiday season, we donated many of our dolls to the "Adopt A Senior" organization. Providing many elders, including Maria in the photos we're sharing, with dolls gives them a sense of joy and makes them feel less alone around the holidays. Our friends at Adopt-A-Senior organization told us the seniors faces lit up when they receive a baby doll and nothing makes us feel better than that! 
Sealed with a Kiss 💋 - Paradise Galleries

Sealed with a Kiss 💋

The first doll of January 2019 has arrived... and she's ready to give you a kiss! Inspired by the sweet sentiment of “Grandma Kisses”, we created a doll with UV color changing kisses! When our product development team was brainstorming for our 2019 dolls, they wanted to create dolls that were fresh, exciting and something our customers had never seen before. They came up with many ideas including this adorable girl, Sweet Kisses!
How Wings of Love Comes to Life. - Paradise Galleries

How Wings of Love Comes to Life.

A lot of work goes into creating the personalized charm. After an order is placed with Paradise Galleries, your special request is set to an engraving company. Each Wings of Love figurine can be personalized with up to 3 lines of engraving on the silver-toned heart. From there, each charm is carefully taken to their in-house personalization department; then the magic happens.