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Meet Oh Baby!

Are you ready for another chunky baby to add to your nursery? Our month of fun, surprises, and celebration continues with our latest arrival Oh Baby! Spreading the holiday cheer is this little sweetheart that will double the JOY in your home with his handsome grinning face and irresistible baby features! 

Oh Baby! with chunky baby Big Boy

Who can resist pudgy cheeks and chunky thigh rolls? Oh Baby! is blessed to have all those special  attributes, thanks to the amazing doll artist Ping Lau.  He has gorgeous brown eyes, bouncy black curls, stubby nose, squishy fat cheeks, really cute chin, and under-eye baby wrinkles as he stretches his lips for a gorgeous open-mouthed smile! Will you bring him home during this most wonderful time of the year?

Oh Baby is never going out of style with his on-the-go romper with custom “HUGS” skater screen imprint and stylish “Oh Baby” custom shoes, designed by our in-house doll designer Diane in our sunny Southern California HQ. Crafted from our premium GentleTouch™ Vinyl, Oh Baby! has smooth-to-touch baby skin, flexible baby fingers and toes, and squeezable fat baby cheeks, giving him that wonderful ultra-realistic lifelike feel.

Learn more about the artist Ping Lau

Raised and educated in Singapore, Ping Lau started experimenting with doll sculpting in 1989. Taking several years to hone her skills, her dolls receive tremendous response and recognition whenever they are shown and are occasionally mistaken for real children.

Bring home Oh Baby! TODAY

Introducing our handsome little boy, Oh Baby! Nothing could be more adorable than his contagious baby grin and plump cheeks. Even his round chocolate eyes will steal your heart away so get your skates on as you take him on a journey with you!

Sporting his best street style look, Oh Baby! is set for a fun adventure in a black romper with a custom “HUGS” skater screen imprint partnered with stylishly comfy “Oh Baby” black canvas shoes. His lusciously soft black mohair complements his smooth, warm coffee complexion while his eyes stare back in delight. With his baby fat rolls and cutest stubby fingers, don’t forget to snuggle and spoil him with kisses and love.

Bring home Oh Baby! TODAY!