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Fan of the month: Rachel Marlowe - Paradise Galleries

Fan of the month: Rachel Marlowe

We are happy to introduce our January's Fan of the Month, Rachel Marlowe. Learn more about Rachel here!
New and Improved Paradise Galleries Doll Body - Paradise Galleries

Paradise Galleries' Improved Cloth Doll Body

Introducing our newest and most improved doll cloth body. Learn what makes it durable and truly realistic!
Meet Our Forever Yours™ Babies - Paradise Galleries

Meet Our Forever Yours™ Babies

The littlest feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts. 

Doll Face Pacifier Gift Set - Paradise Galleries

Doll Face Pacifier Gift Set

Introducing the newest addition to Paradise Galleries doll accessory collection, our Doll Face Pacifier Gift Set!
5 Reasons Why Every Child Needs a PG Doll - Paradise Galleries

5 Reasons Why Every Child Needs a PG Doll

Share the love this merry season with Paradise Galleries dolls and learn why every kid deserves a doll to play with.

2020 Holiday Gift Guide - Paradise Galleries

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Share the love this splendid season and shop Paradise Galleries Gift Guide 2020 for the best Christmas gifts perfect for kids, moms, and all the reborn doll parents.

Fan of the month: Ceara and Conner Sheresky - Paradise Galleries

Fan of the month: Ceara and Conner Sheresky

Meet our mother and son team, Ceara Sheresky and Conner, our November Fans of the Month!
2020 Halloween Gift Guide - Paradise Galleries

2020 Halloween Gift Guide

No tricks, just TREATS! 🎃 Celebrate this SPOOKtacular season with our BOOtiful sweet picks in their Halloweeny ensemble. Each makes a great treat to gift a friend or a loved one on this perfect time of the year!
Artist Spotlight: Karen Scott - Paradise Galleries

Artist Spotlight: Karen Scott

Meet the artist behind our African American toddler boy Wonderfully Made, Frozen Princess, and our newest toddler girl Boho Beauty. Get to know world-renowned doll artist Karen Scott and learn a little bit about herself!

Rise and Shine - Paradise Galleries

Rise and Shine

She's a picture-perfect cherub with plump cheeks and a pair of round blue eyes, learn the story behind Rise & Shine.
Fan of the month - Brenda Kaye - Paradise Galleries

Fan of the month - Brenda Kaye

We are very happy to announce our September Fan of the Month, Brenda Kaye! We love seeing how she, together with her daughter Kaylynn, bonds with her PG dolls from the photos she shares on Friends of Paradise Galleries FB group. Read on and get to know Brenda, and learn her favorite PG doll!
World's Alzheimer's Month - Paradise Galleries

World's Alzheimer's Month

September is World’s Alzheimer’s Month, a special time intended to spread awareness and recognize dementia among our aging population. Learn how Doll Therapy can help Alzheimer's patients.

Meet Boho Beauty! - Paradise Galleries

Meet Boho Beauty!

Introducing Boho Beauty, our latest addition to our 20-inch doll collection. We’re so delighted to receive this toddler girl in our Southern California HQ. Her beauty is truly captivating from her beaming baby face radiating life, her delightful open-mouthed expression down to her exquisitely detailed toes and nails capturing that of real babies!
Q&A With Ping Lau - Paradise Galleries

Q&A With Ping Lau

We are so thrilled to share with you our interesting discussion with one of our well-loved artists in the reborn community, Ping Lau. Discover how she got into sculpting, one fun fact that you may not know about her,  and her favorite PG doll! Ping also shared her checklist on how you can avoid online shopping scams & counterfeit dolls across the internet.
Fan of the Month - Michele Shanklin - Paradise Galleries

Fan of the Month - Michele Shanklin

Meet Michele, our August Paradise Galleries Fan of the Month! We love how active she participates in our Friends of Paradise Galleries Facebook Group. It always warms our heart to see her PG dolls dressed in beautiful outfits, we know that they are well-loved! Read more about why Michele loves her PG babies.

New! Reborn Doll Car Seat

Our NEW! Reborn Doll Car Seat is a combination of function and style, and a MUST-HAVE to all reborn doll collectors age 3+ who want their dolls around wherever they go! With its gender-neutral color scheme of dark & light gray, it can never go wrong with whatever style you pick for the day!

Staff Spotlight: Meet Jasmin - Paradise Galleries

Staff Spotlight: Meet Jasmin

Creativity comes so naturally to Jasmin. Her playful approach seamlessly translates ideas & imagination to wonderful designs that she crafts. An out-of-the-box thinker, she is truly an inspiration to us all! Meet her and learn what role she plays in Paradise Galleries Team! 
National Wellness Month - Paradise Galleries

National Wellness Month

Dolls have shown to provide safety and comfort in moments of difficulties. They provide the experience of holding and nurturing a baby once more—rekindling all the happy memories of parenting. As we promote self-care and wellness, we’ve asked some of our PG doll moms on how dolls are helping them manage their stress during this uncertain time.

Back To School with PG Dolls - Paradise Galleries

Back To School with PG Dolls

Families are now considering cyberschooling and virtual learning at home with the need for education to continue as more and more schools decide to stay shut. It may be truly challenging while we are still finding balance in juggling many roles as ever… don’t forget that we have our community to support each other. Here are few ways on how dolls can help your homeschoolers!
Fabulous Like Mommy - Paradise Galleries

Fabulous Like Mommy

Love has been our constant source of inspiration in Paradise Galleries, from working all together as a team, to creating our dolls, and providing compassionate service to our customers. It truly warms our hearts to witness how our precious dolls get considered like a real member of a family
Fan of the Month - Jessica Thompson - Paradise Galleries

Fan of the Month - Jessica Thompson

Meet Jessica Thompson, our Paradise Galleries July Fan of the Month! Jessica has been a strong supporter of Paradise Galleries for years, and we always love seeing her photos of her babies on Facebook. 
Read more about why Jessica loves her PG babies.

Lil' Rascal - Paradise Galleries

Lil' Rascal

Too cute & friendly to spook! Inspired by clever critters in the woods, we are so thrilled to welcome this irresistible baby boy into our family and into yours, too! 
Fan of the Month - Lynette McCullough - Paradise Galleries

Fan of the Month - Lynette McCullough

We are thrilled to announce Lynette McCullough as our Paradise Galleries June Fan of the Month! We are so appreciative of her support of our brand on social media, especially in the Friends of Paradise Galleries Facebook Group! 😍
Read more about why Lynette loves Paradise Galleries and being a doll collector.
Staff Spotlight - Meet Elma - Paradise Galleries

Staff Spotlight - Meet Elma

For this month's spotlight, we are happy to introduce our Senior Director of Product Development, Elma! Her dash of creativity and a brimful cup of passion makes all the magic happens in Paradise Galleries HQ! Take a peek & meet Elma as she shares some wonderful facts about herself!

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