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Bon Appétit

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  • Artist: Ping Lau
  • Size: 20" Head to toe
  • NEW MATERIAL: SoftTouch™ vinyl (with baby powder scent)
  • 3/4 vinyl arms and legs
  • Light skin tone
  • Brown eyes
  • Black hair
  • Arrives with the improved PG cloth body
  • Comes with a white chef coat with front snap closures, a matching chef hat, and a pair of black and white checkered pants.
  • Doll weight: 2.72 lbs
  • Shipping weight: 3.89 lbs
  • BPA Free
  • Intended for Reborn Doll Collectors age 14+

You've been hungry for second helpings, so we're serving him up for a second time!

The yummiest face on the menu! Bon Appétit has every ingredient for a healthy heart from his bright eyes, to his smiling face and adorable chef outfit. Two plump blushed cheeks hug either side of his delicious smile and two bottom baby teeth perfectly accent this irresistible dish! Remove his embroidered chef’s hat to reveal a full head of silky black straight hair. And his double-breasted embroidered coat and black & white checkered pants finish off his culinary cuteness.

First released in 2016, Bon Appétit is making his second appearance this 2021! This realistic boy baby doll is masterfully designed by Artist Ping Lau who is world-renowned for sculpting Asian baby dolls in astonishing true-to-life detail. This realistic doll is 20 inches from head to toe and constructed out of our exclusive SoftTouch vinyl, giving him a delicious, fresh baby powder scent, and feel wonderfully lifelike with a weighted cloth body, including all the lines and creases of a real baby. Bon Appetit also arrives inside a Collector’s Box and includes a numbered Certificate of Authenticity with the artist’s signature. Intended for reborn doll collectors age 14+.

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