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Paradise Galleries' Improved Cloth Doll Body

Reborn dolls are made special through features that make them exquisitely realistic—from the very strand of their hair, their eye color and shapes of their baby lips, down to the wrinkles of their tiny baby toes. With the range of expertise and passion that our doll artists have, give birth to these beautiful Paradise Galleries baby dolls that are made available worldwide today.

As we continue to bring dolls & smiles to the world, our team strives to maintain and improve the quality and features of each Paradise Galleries doll. It is our pleasure to introduce our newest, and most improved doll body. All our 2021 dolls will arrive with this new type of cloth body and will be introduced to existing releases gradually throughout the year.

Paradise Galleries New Cloth Body

Toddler girl Surprise & Delight in our new cloth body

Improved Cloth Doll Body Features:

 • A more tapered realistic look
• Custom tailored stitching to achieve the perfect body shape
• New soft and durable body fabric, resists Velcro snagging
• Weighted bean bag bottom for a realistic baby feel
• Limbs made from Paradise Galleries premium vinyls

Just like real babies, each Paradise Galleries doll has its own unique style, size, and personality. Along with these wonderful differences, our 2021 reborn babies and toddlers will share the same soft and durable type of cloth body with a similar look. Enjoy cuddle time and relive memories of holding a real baby.