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  • Artist: Jannie de Lange
  • Size: 21” Head to Toe
  • Material: GentleTouch™ Vinyl
  • 3/4 vinyl arms and legs
  • Light skin tone
  • Brown eyes
  • Comes with a jersey knit constellation bodice, navy blue velour footed sleeper, silver headband, a planet plush and a magnetic pacifier.
  • Arrives with the improved PG cloth body
  • Rooted black hair
  • Doll weight:  3.1 lbs
  • Shipping weight: 4.5 lbs
  • BPA-free
  • Intended for Reborn Doll Collectors age 3+


Galaxia might be the cutest little thing you’ve ever laid eyes on in the whole universe! Her out-of-this-world beauty and sweet personality make you want to pick her up. Her eyes sparkle with wonder and delight as she anticipates a warm parent embrace. Bring her home today and she will surely be over the moon!

With her brown eyes standing out against her rooted black hair and rosy plump cheeks, Galaxia will capture many hearts. She is perfectly suited up in a jersey knit constellation bodice with metallic silver fabric accents, a navy-blue velour footed sleeper, and a silver bow headband that matches her playful look. She also comes with a planet plush to cuddle at night. Take off her magnetic pacifier and surprise yourself with a cheerful smile and two bottom baby teeth!

Galaxia is lovingly sculpted by world-renowned doll artist Jannie de Lange. This lifelike toddler girl doll measures 21 inches from head to toe. Crafted from our premium GentleTouch™ Vinyl with a weighted cloth body for that wonderfully lifelike feel. Arriving to you in a Collector’s Box along with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity with the artist’s signature. Intended for reborn doll collectors aged 3+. 

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