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I Love You S-MORES

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  • Comes with a magnetic pacifier
  • Artist: Michelle Fagan
  • Size: 20" Head to Toe
  • Material: SoftTouch Vinyl (with baby powder scent)
  • 3/4 arms and legs
  • Blue-gray eyes
  • Comes with an ice blue onesie with an attached hoodie in happy camper print, matching knit shorts, faux suede booties with white faux shearling inner cuffs, s-mores plush, and a white magnetic pacifier.
  • Arrives with the improved PG cloth body
  • Rooted Soft Curly Brown Mohair - a very delicate type of hair that is gently applied to collectible baby dolls. It gives a very realistic infant hair look.
  • Doll weight: 2.64 lbs
  • Shipping weight: 4.19 lbs
  • BPA-free
  • Intended for Reborn Doll Collectors & kids age 3+


Get the fire ready cos’ here he comes! Deliciously crisp on the outside, gooey goodness on the inside, this little campfire buddy is spreading s-MORE love with his energetic and sweet personality.

All dolled up and set for camp, I Love You S-MORES arrives in his adorable happy camper ensemble. His squinched blue eyes glow with wonder while his plump blushed cheeks yearn for mama kisses. His magnetic pacifier hides his silly tongue-out baby expression—adding pep to his playful look. And when this blob of cuteness asks for “some more”, who can say no to this baby boy?

I Love You S-MORES treats you with his delightfully cute face and rooted soft curly brown mohair that is soft to touch and feels just like the hair of a real baby. He comes dressed in his ice blue hooded graphic onesie with a print that says “I love you s-MORES” partnered with happy camper printed shorts. He also arrives with faux suede booties, a magnetic pacifier, and his favorite oh-so cuddly s-mores plush that brings him comfort.

This realistic baby boy doll is a debut sculpt by world-renowned artist Michelle Fagan. He is 20 inches from head to toe, crafted from SoftTouch™ Vinyl, giving him a delicious baby powder scent and a realistic feel. With this vinyl, I Love You S-MORES has incredibly realistic features, including baby creases and rolls! Arriving in our new eco-friendly Collector’s Box along with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity with the artist’s signature. Intended for reborn doll collectors aged 3+.

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