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Take your Reborn Doll in the Car Pool Lane!

We have some very exciting news to share! As of today, April 1st 2019, anyone in the United States is allowed to drive in the carpool lane* if you have a reborn doll in the car with you! Yes, that's right! If you have a reborn or reborn-like doll with you, you can drive in the carpool lane - how exciting! Here at Paradise Galleries, we've always known that there are so many people who take their reborn doll everywhere with them and it's nice to see others recognizing us doll enthusiasts! So whether you're going to the grocery store, visiting a friend and everything in between, you'll get there faster in the carpool lane with your reborn doll!

Do you take your reborn doll with you in the car? If so, let us know below if you're excited about this new rule! 






*HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY! Unfortunately our dolls do not count as a passenger for the car pool lane but hey - we can dream! Maybe 1 day!

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April 02, 2020


Lisa gullett
Lisa gullett

April 02, 2019

I love the picture of the babies

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