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Meet our newest baby girl, Rise & Shine!

She's a picture-perfect cherub with plump cheeks
and a pair of round blue eyes.

We can’t handle her cuteness! As soon as she arrived in our HQ, everyone in the team wanted to get a hold of this sweet little baby, brought to life by Jannie de Lange’s incredible baby sculpt. Jannie has crafted many realistic babies for Paradise Galleries over the years including our well-loved African American toddler girls Surprise & Delight and Baby Kione, Baby Bundles: Born to Be Spoiled, and one of our famous realistic Asian babies, Nischi. It’s no wonder that Rise & Shine comes out as wonderful and precious as they are!

Don't forget to pamper yourself! 

After a busy schedule at work and facing tiny everyday stresses, it’s important to unwind, refresh your mind, and do a little bit of relaxation before you turn in for the night.  We know that a lot of our collectors look up to their baby dolls to unwind and destress at the end of a hard day, especially during this stressful time of pandemic (read blog here), so our in-house designer Diane thought of designing an ensemble for Rise & Shine that would essentially remind everyone of self-care.

Rise & Shine's sleeping mask designed by Diane.  

Diane created a beautiful jersey knit romper in soft pink with a hair wrap band and a pair of baby booties, accompanied with a magnetic pacifier to soothe. Lovie blankets bring comfort and relieve stress to a child so Diane added in an adorable bunny lovie to our baby girl.

Diane also included a sleeping mask so she wakes up in a good mood, with a print she personally designed using Paradise Galleries' signature colors. Topped with a pink bow and sparkly gold crown, she's our baby princess ready to win the crowd's heart!

Rise & Shine's complete ensemble

This baby doll is crafted from our exclusive SoftTouch Vinyl that is cuddly and soft with a fresh baby powder scent, making Rise & Shine smell like a real baby! This premium type of vinyl also provides this baby her squeezable soft cheeks, and flexible fingers and toes. To learn more about our types of vinyl, click here

As you bring Rise & Shine home, may she remind you to take a step back from the hustle and bustle, and just relax. 

Self-Care Practices from Paradise Galleries Team

🌸 Stretch out. Walk around the yard and do some light exercise.
🌸 Find your creative outlet and let it flow! Learn new crafts you can do at home.
🌸 Nourish yourself with a hobby. Take some time to read a good book or listen to your relaxing playlist.
🌸 Be mindful of your emotions and do a bit of journaling.
🌸 Spend quality time with your family, and in your doll nursery!
🌸 Eat right with healthy food choices.
🌸 Practice digital detox before you sleep.
🌸 Get adequate sleep. 

Spoil yourself today and take home Rise & Shine!