National Wellness Month

As we shift away from our familiar routines and embrace the changes in our community, it is important to acknowledge how we are doing in the process. We understand how difficult the time is for each of us as we, ourselves, are striving to achieve balance, too, starting by reflecting on ourselves. How do these activities make you feel? Finding what works for you and what helps manage stress will make it easier to build your own healthy practice.

For a long time, many therapists have been using dolls to deal with anxiety, depression, and loss. Dolls have shown to provide safety and comfort in moments of difficulties. They provide the experience of holding and nurturing a baby once more—rekindling all the happy memories of parenting. Dolls aren’t just for playing, they also help kids in developing many skills they will need as they grow older (Read our blog about How Our Dolls Support Kids). As we engage with our dolls, we eventually build a special relationship like parents to their dear children. If you find yourself struggling how to interact with your dolls, you may check out our blog where we shared few tips on how you can bond with your babies (Read our Bonding With Your Baby blog)

As we promote self-care and wellness, we’ve asked some of our PG doll moms on how dolls are helping them manage their stress during this uncertain time.

“This is my PG dolls collection! These babies helped me a lot during the pandemic. They gave me happiness, lots of love, fun and comfort. My PG dolls give me so much happiness. I love taking pictures and dressing them. And I LOVE box openings! Little man in the moon is my newest addition! ”
–Aurora M.

“I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. One of the effects that has on me is extreme anxiety. My dolls really help ease that. Everything going on during this pandemic has of course increased anxiety, so having my dolls and enjoying dressing and photographing them has been a blessing during this time.”
–Kim C.

“Ooh my dolls are my rest space. When I was with them I'm transported to a wonderful word that give me peace and comfort. My mom died in January's 27, 2019 and at this moment I have to care my daddy with my husband and my dolls give me this relax moment for take a breath for continuing my life.”
–Ana Luis M.

“My PG dolls give me a lot of comfort, happiness and joy! I feel them like they are my children. I love them so much! They are beautiful part of our family. I can't even imagine me living without them. ”
–Hristina N.

“I love each one of my 19 PG babies. They have helped me during the pandemic because I can’t look at then without smiling, who can look at Children’s day, K-Pop girl, Sarah Safari, Hanami and the other without smiling? Impossible. Thank you so much for creating so many beautiful babies! The bring so much joy!”
–Tamar A.

“My dolls help me with anxiety, depression, the pandemic and I wasn't able to have children of my own Love all my PG dolls ”
–Sarita S.

K-Pop Girl

One of Hristina's favorite PG dolls, K-Pop Girl by Ping Lau.

We encourage you to find your good balance by discovering holistic activities and establishing healthy routines. Recognize your stressors, take time to unwind and put down your devices for a while. Find out how dolls can help you manage stress for your overall wellness.