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Paradise Galleries Welcomes Its First Fantasy Baby Doll — Meet Mystic Mermaid!

Our latest addition to the Paradise Galleries nursery comes from the deep seas. Mystic Mermaid is our very first fantasy baby doll and is unlike anything we have ever produced before. Mystic Mermaid is full of unique details that you won’t find on any other doll. Today, we’re sharing a behind-the-scenes look at some of her best features and letting you know all about them.

A True Mermaid

Mystic Mermaid

This is the first doll we’ve made without legs! She is a true mermaid and has a poseable, stuffed tail instead of the typical lumpy tail that is slipped onto other dolls. She doesn’t need legs for all the swimming under the sea that she’s been doing. Her sleeping face and stuffed tail also make her much more snuggly and easier to cuddle as you sleep. No more tangled limbs as you sleep, Mystic Mermaid will snuggle up to you as you slumber.

Doll Armature and Poseable Tail

For the true collector, we added a doll armature to Mystic Mermaid’s construction. This poseable “skeleton” makes Mystic Mermaid picture-ready in an instant. Pose her tail and she’ll stay just how you placed her. You can flex her tail forward, backward, sideways, and any other way you can think of with this doll armature. It is easy to get the perfect position with this innovative armature.

Floral Face Paint Detail

Mystic Mermaid

Mystic Mermaid also has glamorous details that you won’t find on any other doll this year. Her face paint detail has glittery seaweed and intricate detailing. This swirled floral design adds a little sparkle to her face and is not only hand-applied but has glitter and painted accents on each part of the design.

Sparkle Eyeshadow

Mystic Mermaid

The finishing touches on Mystic Mermaid add a luxuriously realistic finish to this fantasy baby doll. Her eyelashes are hand-applied and completed with glitter eyeshadow. This adorable little mermaid baby doll has just enough fantasy elements to delight without losing its realism.


Every feature of this doll adds a layer of fantasy and the fantastic. From her mermaid tail to her seaweed face paint, we have selected every detail to create more whimsy and to delight our customers. Mystic Mermaid is truly a one-of-a-kind doll that you won’t find anywhere else.

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January 17, 2019

Nice . Check it out my channel for review it

Dark skiis '
Dark skiis '

December 12, 2018

So adorable

Brenda Miller
Brenda Miller

September 21, 2018

I absolutely L💙 VE this bebe mermaid. She is very impressive. Yes. I have her. I ordered her the minute I saw her in the video when you were at the doll show recently. Immediately impressed with every single fabulous detail. Especially the armature I her beautiful shimmering tail. Love that I can pose her. Thank you.

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