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Meet Rainbow Ballerina!

"Some girls are just born with glitters in their feet."

Life is fun and colorful as a rainbow for our newest addition: Rainbow Ballerina. 🌈 Debuted as Nischi from 2010 collection (a winner of prestigious Dolls Award of Excellence in 2010), our most favorite Asian doll returns with a candy-colored ensemble, a vibrant personality, and ever the same sweet, charming baby face that the doll community has loved. Sculpted by world-renowned doll artist Jannie de Lange, take home Rainbow Ballerina and make her ballerina dream come true!

Beauty, talent, grace, and excellence ✨

She's ready to take the stage! Rainbow Ballerina is a representation of beauty, talent, grace, and excellence. Just like a true dancer, she's born with glitters in her feet and hopeful eyes full of dreams. 

Brought to life by our in-house doll designer Diane, this Asian toddler is full of sweet surprises! Diane designed every accessory with colors as cheerful as this toddler is. Rainbow Ballerina wears a pale pink tutu with a soft pastel rainbow-colored tulle skirt and matching 3 flower appliques on the chest. Her shimmer tights are a ballerina dream come true while her rainbow flower barefoot slippers create a lovely dancer silhouette in her tiny baby toes. And as a finishing touch, this Asian toddler wears a pink satin ribbon to decorate her silky black hair.

Learn more about the artist Jannie de Lange

Jannie’s passions for dolls started during a childhood visit to a doll show that exposed her to the world of hand sculpted dolls. On her return, she immediately enrolled in a sculpting class and hasn’t looked back since! Sculpting her own dolls since 1994, Jannie quickly developed her own style and has been nominated for an array of awards, including the Vinyl-doll Nischi at Paradise Galleries for the Dolls Award of Excellence in 2010.

Bring home Rainbow Ballerina 🌈 

This sweet little darling is born to become a sensational dancer. Wearing her beautiful rainbow ballerina tutu, she dreams of graceful twirls and spoiling us with her delightful ballet performance. Her exotic baby gaze makes her unforgettable so shower her with kisses as you lovingly welcome her into your home.

Our realistic baby girl Rainbow Ballerina is a sweet vision in pale pink and fluffy rainbow tulle, partnered with white shimmer tights that create that sparkle look as she dreams of dancing on her toes. You will adore those three rainbow flower appliques on her tutu that match the details of her baby barefoot slippers. Wispy hand-applied eyelashes frame adoring brown eyes, and her soft vinyl skin features lines and baby creases that make her even more realistic. Tie back her soft black hair with the pink satin hair and this lifelike baby girl doll becomes the ballerina that she fondly aspires to be.

Bring home Rainbow Ballerina TODAY!