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Meet Our Purrfectly Adorable Furever Baby Kittens!

Get ready to experience a cuteness overload with our newest arrivals in Paradise Galleries' Furever Babies Collection. 🐱 

“With my happy meows and playful leap, I show my love, with every peep. I'll curl up close and purr away, And in your presence, I will “furever” stay.”

Experience the joy of having a cuddly kitten by your side with Paradise Galleries' Furever Baby Kittens. From their soft and velvety flocked vinyl limbs to their realistic eyes and whiskers, these feline furballs are so lifelike, you'll want to adopt them all. 

Our team has put a lot of love to ensure that each one in this collection has their own unique personality and charm. So when you adopt a Furever Baby Kitten, you'll feel like you're bringing home a new kitten every time.

Furever Kittens have cloth bodies and ¾ flocked vinyl limbs that feel smooth & velvety to the touch.

They are 9.5 inches from head to paw, and weigh  0.69 lbs—perfect size for snuggling!

Each comes with a sparkle crystal collar, a yarn bell ball  & downloadable Adoption Papers!

Meet the Cutest Furever Baby Kittens!

Furever Baby Balinese Kitten  🐱

With a white snuggly body, gray ears and muzzle, and bright blue eyes that complement her pink sparkle crystal collar, this sweet little cat is ready to nuzzle close and be yours fureve! Balinese Kitten is full of life and energy, and loves to leap, run and hide. She chases after anything that moves, but her favorite toy is a teal yarn bell ball!

Bring home Balinese Kitten!

Furever Baby Tabby Kitten  🐱

Baby Tabby Kitten will melt your troubles away as he cozily curls up next to you. Stroke his soft gray body with dark gray stripes as you pet this little bundle of joy. He wears a white sparkle crystal collar that brings out the color of his adorable blue eyes and he comes with a teal yarn bell ball to keep him a happy, healthy baby cat.

Bring home Tabby Kitten!

Furever Baby Orange Tabby Kitten  🐱

Orange Tabby Kitten loves a whole lot of attention! Keep this little cuddler by your side and enjoy her warm and fuzzy presence while she purrs happily in your lap. Her soft orange-and-white cuddly body with dark orange stripes and white muzzle makes her irresistible to pick up. With her sparkling orange crystal collar and such cute face, she's sure to turn heads wherever she goes.

Bring home Orange Tabby Kitten!

Meet the Artist Behind Furever Kittens!

Ping Lau

Ping Lau

Raised and educated in Singapore, Ping Lau started experimenting with doll sculpting in 1989. Taking several years to hone her skills, her dolls receive tremendous response and recognition whenever they are shown and are occasionally mistaken for real children.

Visit Ping's doll collection

Fill Your Home With Furever Love—Meet the Puppies! 🐶🐱

Furever Baby Puppies!

Meet the 3 adorable fluffballs that will melt your heart. Our 2-week-old Furever Babies™ Bulldog, German Shepherd, and Golden Retriever are looking for a new family to love them forever. 

Bring home all Furever Babies!