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Furever Babies Tabby Kitten

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  • Artist: Ping Lau
  • Size: 9” Head to paw
  • Material: Flocked Vinyl
  • ¾ vinyl limbs with cloth body
  • Blue eyes
  • Comes with a white sparkle crystal collar, a teal yarn ball with bell inside and downloadable Adoption Papers.
  • Kitten weight:  0.69 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 1.13 pounds
  • BPA-free
  • Intended for Reborn Doll Collectors age 3+ 
  • Download Kitten Adoption Paper here 


“With my happy meows and playful leap,
I show my love, with every peep.
I'll curl up close and purr away,
And in your presence, I will “furever” stay.”

Here he goes, with eyes so bright and full of love. Paradise Galleries’ Baby Tabby Kitten will melt your troubles away as he cozily curls up next to you. Stroke his soft gray body with dark gray stripes as you pet this little bundle of joy. He wears a white sparkle crystal collar that brings out the color of his adorable blue eyes and he comes with a teal yarn bell ball to keep him a happy, healthy baby cat.

Paradise Galleries’ Baby Tabby Kitten is part of our Furever™ Babies Collection and a perfect addition to your pet nursery. This 9-inch realistic baby cat doll is inspired by an American Shorthair kitten sculpted by world-renowned artist Ping Lau. He is made from our premium vinyl that is flocked for a velvety finish and a weighted plush body for that wonderfully lifelike feel. Arriving at you in an official Collector’s Box. Intended for reborn doll collectors aged 3+. 

As you promise to take care and love him and give her a furever home, please don’t forget to download his Adoption Paper and truly make him forever yours. Download Kitten Adoption Papers Here.

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