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Meet our NEW addition, Sweetie Pie! 

Paradise Galleries is delighted to announce our NEW addition, Sweetie Pie! We are grateful to work with talented and respected artists which give us insight to the inspiration behind their beautifully designed dolls!  Paradise Galleries works closely with our artists to ensure our dolls are absolutely perfect for our Paradise Galleries friends. Read more about Sweetie Pie and what inspired Lauren Faith Jaimes!  

A letter from the ARTIST of our precious Sweetie Pie

Lauren Faith Jaimes

"I am Lauren Faith Jaimes, the sculpting artist for the Paradise Galleries doll, "Sweetie Pie". I love expression and smiles are my specialty, she was so much fun to sculpt! I wanted to challenge myself to a scrunchy faced smile with some little wrinkles in the nose and eye area. My process for creation usually starts with an idea and feeling, then a face grabs my heart and I'm off to the races! Each sculpt starts off as just a few reference photos and a package of clay. Sweetie Pie took about 3 months to create from start to finish working about 4-9 hours a day. As with every sculpt, there were some frustrating moments in her creation. I get so involved in each sculpt, it can become hard to see it clearly, things look uneven, or I think I don't like it . I call it becoming clay blind. Then I take a break and wait for the mind to clear. Spending time in nature helps so much during those times. I take many photos of each work in progress until I'm happy with the end product.

I have included a few photos of Sweetie Pie's creation from start to finish.

This doll reflects the joy of being in the moment. She reminds us of baby and childhood when all is right with the world, everything is a new discovery of fun and joy. Every life serves up a set of circumstances, but the choice is there in every moment to see the gift in every situation. Even the tough ones. The message of this little face can be best summed up by one of my favorite quotes, "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that is why we call it the PRESENT!" I hope Sweetie Pie brings a smile to your heart and face each time you look at her. Thank you"

- Lauren Faith Jaimes

 Made with LOVE in Each and Every Detail, From Start to Finish

Meet Sweetie Pie

We hope you've saved room for dessert because the most deliciously sweet treat is here! The Paradise Galleries Team is overjoyed to welcome our NEWEST realistic toddler girl, Sweetie Pie. 

 Brought to life by artist, Lauren Faith Jaimes, there is LOVE in each and every detail. Sweetie Pie arrives with preciously rooted brown hair, rosy cheeks, dreamy blue eyes and the cheekiest expression! Her beauty is absolutely captivating and her oh-so-sweet personality makes her all the more scrumptious!

Sweetie Pie is outfitted in a flutter-sleeved gray dress with dainty rose bud prints, covering her pretty little pantaloons. She's accessorized with a lovely pink sweater, a ruffled headband and teeny-tiny baby booties! This delightfully dainty outfit showcases her SoftTouch Vinyl limbs with wrinkles and rolls that are so just so preciously touchable. 

Bring her home today and make her your one and only Sweetie Pie!

Bring home Sweet Pie!