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Our cuddle-ready critter cutie, Lil' Rascal, has come out to play!

Too cute & friendly to spook! Inspired by clever critters in the woods, we are so thrilled to welcome this irresistible baby boy into our family and into yours, too!

An incredible masterpiece, Lil' Rascal was given life through Ping Lau’s beautiful baby sculpt (He is our 2nd 18" baby by Ping next to K-Pop Girl). With that charming baby gaze, we know that soon as he arrives in the nursery,  this toddler boy will definitely captivate everyone's heart. 

He's way too cute to say he's up to no good! From his playful dark brown shabby hair, to the fine wrinkles of his tiny toes, not a detail was missed on this baby to make him even more realistic. 

“Raccoons & Rascals—always up to trouble!”  Our in-house designer Diane  played with a fun raccoon ensemble in mind to dress this baby up, with raccoon's natural mischievous bandit-like black mask & wide-eyed expression. She had always wanted to use a flat animal baby blankie as an accessory to arrive with our dolls and the concept was agreeably too fitting for our Lil' Rascal! With his sweet raccoon blanket made from Sherpa fabric, this toddler boy is ready to be wrapped in comfort and stay up with you under the moonlight (as raccoons are known to be active & playful at night!). Not to mention his oh-so cozy gender-neutral black onesie with matching baby cap accented with playful raccoon ears, he might still be hard to miss at night with his pair of dreamy sapphire eyes. 

To double the fun, Diane extended the concept by adding a pair of adorable Sherpa white baby booties with fun peaking black critter claws.

Lil' Rascal's raccoon ensemble

As a finishing touch, Diane decided to give this toddler boy a stem pacifier that fits into his mouth perfectly. His chubby cheeks and luscious baby lips makes this boy doll undeniably irresistible. 

Everyone needs a bit of mischief & play... and Lil' Rascal is here to greet you as he steps into your doorsteps!