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The curtains opened on our spunky K-Pop last month, and she's taken the Paradise Galleries world by storm ever since! 
Read on to see the inspiration behind our starry eyed music star.

Artistic Inspiration


Over the last decade, the K-Pop music movement has taken the world by storm, mixing South Korean and Western pop music to create the catchy lyrics and memorable choruses we know and love.

This global phenomenon is flooded with bright, beautiful and fun filled aesthetics and super cute designs. It was from this cultural fusion that our talented doll designers, Diane and Grace, found their inspiration for the spunky K-Pop.

Many of the music videos from the K-Pop movement are full of vibrant visuals with color choices acting as a powerful tool to direct people’s eyes. It was with this knowledge, that K-Pop's signature streak of pink hair that flashes through her bouncy little up-do was added. She's a real trend-setter!

K-Pop Girl Inspiration


Speaking of color, pink is always a favorite choice of K-Pop superstars. 

And our fashionista K-Pop doll is no different, with her a sparkly pink tutu, glitter boots and bunny decal bib. She really is ready for the spotlight! 

No K-Pop influencer should travel alone, so our K-Pop girl is never seen without her number 1 fan!

Her super soft bunny friend is ready to cheer her on, every step of the way!

Here's a message for K-Pop Girl herself: "파라다이스 갤러리의 가족이 되면 너무 즐거워요!" and if you don't speak Korean that translates to
"It's so fun to be a member of Paradise Gallery!"

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  • Marta StenekJul 02, 2019
    I think K ~ Pop is Ping Lau’s most beautiful, realistic PG doll ever!

    Her hair, sparkly dress and cute bib are designed so perfectly to
    evoke the K ~ Pop vibe:) I’m so glad I purchased her!

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