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Paradise Galleries is proud to announce the arrival of our Children's Day doll.
Born from the care free nature of a child's spirit, Children's Day is a welcome addition to the PG family.  

Artistic Inspiration


When Diane, our in house designer, was creating the dress for our Children's Day's doll, she was inspired by how a child would draw.

While drawing these shapes and words, she was looking through the lens of how a child would doodle. A darling little dress covered in charming crayon drawings and messages of hope, love, and happiness was produced. 



While designing Children's Day, Diane drew on inspiration for the accessories from the care free nature of a child's spirit. A traditional purple silk bow headband and simple white sandals are all a child needs when they're off exploring. 

What does every child want when they're growing up?  A puppy, of course!. Children's Day has her purple plush puppy friend by her side, as she skips from the classroom to her after school play-dates. 

Making a Difference with Words Alive 

Our team decided this special doll is the perfect opportunity for us to celebrate International Children's Day and give back to the next generation.

International Children's Day, a recognized United Nations holiday, is celebrated annually on June 9th. It is a day to recognize and celebrate all children. 

Our team member Meredith, who is at the heart of the Paradise Galleries office, had interned for Words Alive while in college in San Diego. She witnessed first hand the good the non-profit were doing to impact the lives of many children and they were a perfect fit!

Words Alive works with over 5,000 families in Southern California to ensure children in less fortunate homes are given access to books and taught how to read. Reading is one of the most important life skills for a child's future, opening up a world of opportunity and enjoyment that will last a lifetime.
Here in the Orange County, CA, Headquarters, we are always looking for new ways to give back to the community and help those in need. We are proud to partner with Words Alive and help better the lives of the next generation.  

Behind the Scenes

And don't forget, all of our Paradise Galleries dolls are treated by experts and backed by The Paradise Promise. 
We stand behind the high-end quality of each of our dolls, sure in the knowledge that you’ll love them as much as we do.

Children's Day Paradise Galleries
Children's Day Paradise Galleries
Children's Day Paradise Galleries