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Furever Babies Set of 3

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  • Set of 3
  • Artist: Ping Lau
  • Size: 9.5” Head to paw
  • Material: Flocked Vinyl
  • ¾ vinyl limbs with cloth body
  • Black eyes
  • Comes with a bone shaped metal puppy tag that reads “FureverTM Yours”, custom print bandana, a puppy pad, a magic feeding bottle and downloadable Adoption Papers
  • Puppy weight (each):  1.1 lbs.
  • Shipping weight (as set): 4.05 lbs.
  • BPA-free
  • Intended for Reborn Doll Collectors age 3+ 
  • Download Pup Adoption Paper here


Your home isn’t complete without the pitter patter of my puppy feet! I promise to be your “furever” best friend, to make you laugh, and brighten your days. I promise to teach and share with you the meaning of love. Together, “furever” in good times and bad.” 

Meet the 3 adorable fluffballs that will melt your heart. Our 2-week-old Furever Babies™ Bulldog, German Shepherd, and Golden Retriever are looking for a new family to love them forever. 

Furever™  Babies Bulldog

At just 2 weeks old, Bulldog will be your puppy love! He may look tough and fierce, but he’s friendly, curious, and very loving to his cherished family. Love him from his little sweet puppy face, wrinkly skin, to his paws, and his tiny, curled tail will wiggle in delight! 

Furever™ Babies German Shepherd
German Shepherd is an exceptional 2-week-old puppy friend with his spunky and energetic personality. He’s truly a furry ball of sunshine! 

Furever™ Babies Golden Retriever

The joy of life is in the eyes of this little puppy. With fun and animated personality, Golden Retriever is just 2 weeks old and enjoys romping around, chewing sticks, and playing fetch. Always excited about everything, particularly about feeding on the magic feeding bottle. 

Each puppy comes with a cute custom print puppy bandana, a metal puppy tag engraved with the words, “Furever™ Yours”, a puppy pad, and a puppy size magic bottle. Our Furever™ Babies, just like every little puppy in the world, yearn for a family to love them forever. These puppies are 9.5-inches in size sculpted by world-renowned artist Ping Lau. They are crafted from our premium vinyl that is flocked for a velvety finish with a weighted cloth body for that wonderfully lifelike feel. Arriving to you in an official Collector’s Box. Intended for reborn doll collectors aged 3+. 

As you promise to take care and love them, and give them a furever home, please don’t forget to download their Adoption Papers and truly make them forever yours. Download Pup Adoption Paper here

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