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Baby Carly


  • Artist: Angela Anderson
  • Size: 16” Head to Toe
  • Material: GentleTouch™ Vinyl
  • Weighted Cloth Body for a "Real Baby" Feel
  • 3/4 Vinyl Arms and Full Vinyl Legs
  • Eye Color - None (Sleeping)
  • Hand painted hair that achieves the true newborn look
  • Hand painted details and hand applied eyelashes
  • Comes with a pacifier that perfectly fits her mouth!
  • Plush Musical Bear that plays “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” 
  • Intended for ages 14+


Introducing “Baby Carly,” as cute and cuddly as can be! She is a breathtaking and calming sight to behold. Newborn baby doll Carly is now sleeping peacefully after long hours of waiting for you. With her very realistic closed eyes and sweet expression, she is surely a darling baby, that looks real! She is adorably costumed in a pink and cream fleece one-piece romper with embroidered bear and star details complete with matching hat and musical bear that plays “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star for her pleasure so you need not worry in making her wait for so long. Her very perfect newborn infant features are hand painted by the incomparable Angela Anderson to give you the sweetest baby you’ll ever lay your eyes on! Walk quietly towards her now, and dream with her!

"Baby Carly" is lovingly handcrafted from our trademarked GentleTouch™ Vinyl, measures 16 inches from head to toe and comes with accessories shown, a numbered Certificate of Authenticity and an exquisite collector's box.

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