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WINNERS of Designer Sample Giveaway

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3/31/20200 - 3 Winners!
My Hero & Blaze - Dana K. from Louisville, Kentucky
Free Spirit - Ann L. from Berkeley, California
Bunny Love - Lisa R. from Waretown, New Jersey

3/30/2022 - 3 Winners!
Sock Monkey Business - Heather S. from Maricopa, Arizona
Sweet Kisses - Jessica G. from Florence, South Carolina
Fabulous Like Mommy - Tracy P. from Fessenden, North Dakota

3/29/2022 - 3 Winners!
Hippity Hop Hailey - Julie Z. from Cheshire, Massachusetts
Fiercely Loved - Elvira G. from Las Vegas, Nevada
Children's Day - Bobbie S. from Cookeville, Tennessee

3/28/2022 - Lil' Rascal
Debra F. from Radcliff, Kentucky

3/27/2022 - The Sweetest Thing
Beth S. from Fairmont, West Virginia

3/26/2022 - Happy Teddy
Margaret T. from Castle Hayne, North Carolina

3/25/2022 - The Advenure Begins
JanalynS. from Los Angeles, California

3/24/2022 - Two Peas in a Pod
Jamie H. from Mason City, Illinois

3/23/2022 - Heaven Sent

Reba D. from Salisbury, North Carolina

3/22/2022 - Sarah Safari
Susan P. from Medford, Oregon