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Secure Online Shopping Statement

Secure Online Shopping Statement

All information sent over the Internet are normally unencrypted and can be intercepted at any point. Since sensitive information must sometimes be relayed over the Net, there is a need to make these pieces of information "unreadable" to other parties. Secure Socket Layer or SSL encryption solves this problem. You will know you have entered a secure page (a page protected by SSL) if its URL begins with 'https://'. When your browser comes across such a page, the server (or the host of the secure page) and the client (your PC) exchange messages, with the server identifying itself. This procedure is called the SSL Handshake and marks the beginning of each SSL session. This handshake ensures that the client and the server are in direct communication with one another. Once it is determined that they are in direct communication with one another, both server and client create unique keys for encrypting and decrypting information. These keys also make sure that a third party is not tampering with the information sent and received during the session. Once the handshake is over, the server and client use the generated keys to encrypt and decrypt data that they send to one another. Should a third party monitor or try to intercept the data being transmitted, only undecipherable messages will be received. When the session ends or when you exit the secure page, the shared encryption and decryption keys are lost because these keys are unique to the SSL session that generate them. If you try going back to the secure page, the keys are not be retrieved but a new SSL session begins, thus generating a new set of keys for encryption and decryption.

SSL Reliability

Online transactions are very safe if they are protected by SSL encryption. Most encryption and decryption keys vary in length from 40 to 1024 digits long. And the longer the key is, the harder it is to crack. Moreover, SSL transactions are protected with a mechanism that can detect whether the data has been altered in transit or not.

Shop only with SSL-protected sites

Make sure that the sites you deal with treat your business with utmost confidentiality and employ the best procedures and security measures to protect you. You can be assured that we at Paradise Galleries® have our customers' interest and safety foremost in our priorities. We make sure that you can do business with us, safely. So shop with Paradise Galleries® today!