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12th Annual Doll-i-Days Give Away Winners

Winners: Claim your prize by contacting our Customer Service Department at 800-673-6557 or emailing

Make sure to mention your email address and last name that were used when you entered the giveaway.

If you do not see the most recent winners, press F5 to refresh the page.

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12/24/2020 - I Love You More Girl
Allie J. from Provo, Nevada

12/23/2020 - Lucky Ducky
Laura M. from Elkview, West Virginia

12/22/2020 - Tall Dreams Ensemble
Caroline R. from The Colony, Texas

12/21/2020 - Baby Bundles: Born To Be Spoiled
Renee W. from Vidalia, Georgia

12/20/2020 - Baby Bundles: Reaching For The Stars
Linda W. from Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

12/19/2020 - Baby Bundles: Born to Sparkle
Julie Z. from Dalton, Massachusetts

12/18/2020 - Cuddle Bear Bella
Paula D. from Cottondale, Louisiana

12/17/2020 - Cuddle Monster
Susan F. from Roanoke, California

12/16/2020- Sweetest Thing
Jan L. from Moulton, Alabama

12/15/2020 - Kiko and Suki
Sherene H. from Baltimore, Maryland

12/14/2020 - The Adventure Begins
Emily Jane M. from Staten Island, New York

12/13/2020 - K-Pop Girl
Becky H. from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

12/12/2020 - Sleeping Tall Dreams Toddler
Adrienne M. from Grafton, New South Wales, Australia

12/11/2020 - Bamboo
Sunny B. from Superior, Missouri

12/10/2020 - Children's day
Michelle M. from Niagara Falls , New York

12/9/2020 - Pumpkin Spice
Judy E. from Mount Gilead, Ohio

12/8/2020 - Boho Beauty
Lang W. from Luray, Virginia

12/7/2020 - Baby Mei
Cami W. from Peoria Hights, Illinois

12/6/2020 - Hoot Hoot!
Chantelle M. from Dungannon, Ontario, Canada

12/5/2020 - Lions, Tigers and Bears
Lisa R. from Brookfield, Connecticut

12/4/2020 Finn & Sparky
Roxana R. from Wauconda, Illinois

12/3/2020 Wonderfully Made
Andrea LS from Gurnee,Illinois

12/2/2020 Pixie Girl
Karen S. from Kenvir, Kentucky

12/1/2020 Wishes & Dreams
Anita B. from Sherman, Texas