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Paradise Galleries offers the highest-quality vinyl baby dolls that look real and are extremely lifelike. Our real-life baby dolls are the best alternative to reborn baby dolls and are offered at an affordable price. Each baby doll looks real and is constructed from either GentleTouchor FlexTouchvinyls.

Our vinyl baby dolls come with a complete ensemble and accessories in a variety of themes. Whether you are looking for a reborn-like baby boy or a reborn-like baby girl, we’ve got you covered with baby dolls that look so real, it will be like you’re adopting another family member! From the best-selling Tall Dreams Ensemble to our newest dolls, these lifelike baby dolls are a constant companion that is snuggly and ready to cuddle.

Paradise Galleries’ collectible dolls are made to bring out the nurturer in all of us. Whether you’re changing their diaper or feeding them with one of our Magic Bottles, these vinyl dolls are an opportunity to find relaxation and calm, to teach parenting skills, or to provide the opportunity for play. Cuddle up to these dolls and enjoy caring for your new reborn baby doll.

We also offer a variety of ethnicitiesfor our reborn baby dolls. Shop real-life baby dolls with African American, Asian, or Caucasian skin tones. We offer diverse options for our lifelike baby dolls so that every customer can find the perfect fit for their needs. In addition to different ethnicities, we have different options for ages as well. Shop baby dolls that look real, or opt for toddler baby dolls that are a little older in appearance. In addition to baby dolls and toddler dolls, we also offer preemie baby dolls, and lifelike newborn baby dolls. With so many possibilities, you’re sure to find one that is perfect for you!