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Grandmother and Laddie – From the private collection of Jack Johnston!

As little as $633.33/month with


  • By Award-Winning Doll Artist Jack Johnston
  • Created from ProSculpt Clay
  • 18 inches tall
  • Mohair wig
  • Painted with acrylic paint and china paint powder
  • Hand signed with the date sculpted

From the private collection of DOLLS 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Jack Johnston! Jack Johnston is releasing a limited number of dolls from his private collection that have never been up for sale before. Now is a chance to own a piece of art history with this one-of-a-kind sculpture, Grandmother and Laddie. This sculpture was also previously featured in Art Doll Quarterly Magazine (Summer 2016)!


“I was raised by my Grandmother, she was a country lady from Kansas. My first dog was named Laddie, we both loved him dearly. The dress is similar to those she wore on the farm in the 40’s. The apron is made of a 150-year old material that came across the plains with the Pioneers, the same is true of the lace on her shoulders. It is hand-sculpted as a one-of-a-kind out of ProSculpt Clay.”

—Jack Johnston