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Kiko & Suki

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  • 21 inches from head to toe
  • Doll weight: 2.7 lbs
  • Artist: Original Paradise Galleries sculpt
  • Crafted from SoftTouch™ Vinyl (with baby powder scent)
  • ¾ Arms and Legs
  • Asian skin tone
  • Jet black hair
  • Warm brown eyes
  • Comes with a light pink onesie, a bright floral-patterned kimono with matching shorts and slippers, a cloth headband with a tulle flower, and a stem pacifier.
  • Shipping weight: 4.6 lbs
  • BPA-free
  • Intended for reborn doll collectors age 14+
  • UPC Code: 010475320053


Spring is here early with our floral beauty Kiko, whose name means “hope” in Japanese. This little darling, always accompanied by her beloved cat Suki, will liven up your nursery with her radiant glow and bright berry ensemble.

This beautiful lifelike Asian baby girl has squeezable cheeks, a pert nose, and realistic hand-painted lips in an open-mouthed expression. Her glowing brown eyes are framed by her long, hand-applied eyelashes and highlighted with winged eyeliner and bright pink eyeshadow to give her an extra Kawaii (cute) look! One of her most stunning features is her flowing, luxurious straight thick black hair with bangs that is held back by a light pink cloth flower headband, but can be styled in any which way! Kiko is elegantly dressed in a light pink onesie underneath her wonderfully soft berry-colored kimono with an exotic pattern of hot pink flowers and delicate daisies that match her shorts and dainty slippers. Her best friend Suki (meaning loveable in Japanese) is an ultra-soft light pink plush kitty with a cute little slip-pocket on his back, and he’s always there for Kiko when she needs a cuddle! When Kiko is tired from a day of playing in the springtime sun, she always has her bright pink stem pacifier to soothe her to sleep.

Kiko is beautifully handcrafted with an original Paradise Galleries sculpt and constructed with our exclusive SoftTouch vinyl, giving her a delicious, fresh baby powder scent and snuggly-soft skin. Intended for reborn doll collectors age 14+.


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