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Down Syndrome Awareness Baby Noah

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  • Artist: Lauren Faith Jaimes
  • Size: 21" Head to Toe
  • Material: SoftTouch™ Vinyl (with baby powder scent)
  • Squeeze his baby cheeks and he’ll stick his tongue out!
  • 3/4 vinyl arms and legs
  • Medium skin tone
  • Brown eyes
  • Comes with blue denim overalls with embroidered puppy face art on the front pocket, long-sleeved off-white shirt with custom imprint, cap and stretch socks.
  • Arrives with the improved PG cloth body
  • Rooted brown straight nylon hair
  • Doll weight: 2.9 lbs
  • Shipping weight: 4.5 lbs
  • BPA-free
  • Intended for Reborn Doll Collectors age 3+ 
  • CARE INSTRUCTION: Please pre-wash the denim overalls so the color does not transfer into your doll


One in every 691 babies in the United States is born with Down syndrome, according to the CDC. Paradise Galleries believes in the power of representation and the joy that can found through inclusivity. 

Another special baby is arriving, meet Noah our beloved baby boy. Just when you think you know what love is, this little baby looks up at you with his twinkling brown almond eyes and smiles. Indeed, he is truly unique and one of a kind. Squeeze his baby cheeks and he’ll stick his tongue out! His adorable expression reflects pure joy as he finds a home with you, forever. 

This extraordinary little boy is outfitted in a long-sleeved off-white shirt with a custom imprint. His favorite blue denim overalls feature an embroidered smiling puppy on his front pocket. For trips outside, he has his striped cap and socks to keep those little toes warm. Have you noticed the sandal gap between the larger toe and the second toe? Plus, a transverse palmar crease across both palms and a bend in the upper knuckle of his pinky fingers. He also has top ear folds, flat facial features, a slightly smaller head, and shorter limbs—all of these are what makes him lovable and adorably special. 

Noah is lovingly sculpted by world-renowned doll artist Lauren Faith Jaimes, this handsome baby is 21” from head to toe crafted from our SoftTouch™ Vinyl that has a light baby powder scent and a realistic feel. With this vinyl, this lifelike baby boy doll has incredibly realistic features, including baby creases and rolls! Arriving in an official Collector’s Box along with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity with the artist’s signature. Intended for reborn doll collectors aged 3+. 

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