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Today on World Health Day, we honor the brave and selfless health care workers on the frontline of this pandemic keeping us all safe.

During this time, it is so important for all of us to focus on our well-being as we are navigating this period of isolation, with people around the world staying home and social-distancing, and thus helping our health care workers flatten the curve. This can be a daunting time for many of us, especially for those that suffer from anxiety and depression. While reborn doll collectors know the importance of keeping their dolls close for comfort and security, dolls also help tremendously with providing support for mental health, which is something that many of us need to be aware of, especially during this time. 

We have heard from so many of our customers about how their Paradise Galleries babies help them ease their anxiety, stress, depression and even grief, by how their dolls provide them with an emotional connection. Patients with Alzheimers and Dementia experience the same support with their reborn dolls. There is a biological reason for why dolls provide this kind of alleviation on a chemical level.

Bonding with Daddy's Girl

Snuggling close to Sleeping Tall Dreams

The exclusive vinyl we use to create our baby dolls smells like baby powder, and our artists spend hours crafting the dolls with realistic wrinkles and hand-painted features that mimic the human form of a newborn baby. Because of this realism, holding reborn dolls has been proven to release Oxytocin (the feel good hormone) in the same way as rocking a real baby does. As Jaime Beebe, founder of Reborns With Reasons, a community outreach program that provides doll therapy to the senior community says, “The release of that hormone coupled with the weight of the baby (similar to that of a weighted blanket) provide immediate comfort for many.” With limited options now for social engagement, it is imperative to maintain a balance in our moods and stress level, and with dolls proving to be so beneficial for mental health, it’s so important to cuddle our dolls close and find the comfort we need.