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What Should My Doll Be Made Of? A Look at Silicone, GentleTouch, and FlexTouch Vinyl Dolls

Whether you’re looking for an all silicone doll or an affordable vinyl baby doll, it can be difficult to navigate the world of collectible baby dolls. What should your doll be made of? Which material is better? As your mind begins to swirl with the possibilities, refer to this guide to find the perfect doll to match your needs.

GentleTouch and FlexTouch are our proprietary and trademarked vinyls that make our Paradise Galleries dolls cuddly soft and beautifully durable. We produce a vinyl that is touchably soft and extremely lifelike. Vinyl is resistant to moisture and humidity, as well as being strong and durable.

GentleTouch Vinyl Baby Dolls

GentleTouch vinyl is the touchably soft, durable material that makes our baby dolls have a real, baby-smooth feel. This snuggly soft material is carefully sculpted in vinyl molds for true-to-life detail. This vinyl is able to show all the wrinkles, chubby baby rolls, and lines of a real-life baby, creating some of the most lifelike baby dolls available — for a fraction of the cost of reborn baby dolls. GentleTouch vinyl baby dolls will look like real newborns from the wrinkles on their hands to their adorably chubby cheeks.

GentleTouch vinyl also provides a durability for those collectors who plan to play with their baby dolls, rather than leaving them as a display piece. GentleTouch vinyl allows you to snuggle, cuddle, and hug your doll without fearing the wear and tear!

FlexTouch Vinyl Baby Dolls

FlexTouch vinyl is the closest you can get to silicone baby dolls. FlexTouch baby dolls are flexible and have fingers and toes that flex like a real baby. FlexTouch vinyl reacts like real skin to snuggling, cuddling, and posing.

FlexTouch is a vinyl and silicone blend, making it have the same spring-back action as silicone, but also the durability of vinyl. FlexTouch vinyl is also much more durable against rips and tears than silicone, and doesn’t require powdering because it is still soft to the touch like GentleTouch vinyl. FlexTouch is the closest to silicone on the market today — for a fraction of the price!

Silicone Baby Dolls

Silicone baby dolls are highly desirable by collectors and reborn enthusiasts. They also carry a hefty price tag, ranging from $200-$1000. But are they worth the hype? Silicone baby dolls have the most realistic resilience to their skin. It will bounce back and wiggle just like a real infant’s and it has the same squish as the real thing.

However, silicone baby dolls also come with a few problems to consider. Silicone is not a stable material to make baby dolls with, so it will become tacky over time. Silicone baby doll collectors recommend powdering your baby doll once a week with baby powder in order to reduce the tacky feel of their skin.

Silicone baby dolls are also more susceptible to wear and damage. Silicone baby dolls, although more stretchy than vinyl, are more prone to ripping and you should be careful not to stretch their fingers and other extremities too far. Open mouths can also tear at the corners from repeated use of a bottle or pacifier.

Although the most lifelike dolls are made from full silicone, the maintenance and use should be considered before investing in a silicone baby doll.


All of these materials will make a snuggly, adorable baby doll. Each person should evaluate their specific needs and how they plan to use their baby dolls before investing in the perfect baby doll for them!

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