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Pixie Girl has sprinkled her magic and stolen the hearts of Paradise Galleries friends and family alike.

Every magical detail from her spirited Pixie ears, to her mystical attire makes Pixie one of our most enchanting companions to date.

We caught up with the artist behind the Pixie Girl Sculpt, Fiorenza Biancheri to chat about her career and the inspiration behind her work.

PG: Tell us a little bit about yourself Fiorenza:


Fiorenza: I live in Seborga, a small, picturesque village in Italy. In ancient times Seborga was a Principality of the Cistercians. The Old Principality of Seborga is located in the back hills of Liguria, the famous Italian Flowers’ Riviera.

PG: How did you get started in your doll sculpting career?

Fiorenza: In my workshop, I used to paint on glass and porcelain and make various creations using decoupage, cold porcelain, sewing and so on. I did this until eighteen years ago, but I’m now entirely devoted to my beloved dolls.

I began sculpting small dolls made with salt paste and polymer clay, trying in the meantime to find new materials to help me create other kinds of dolls.

After some time searching, I finally found all the materials and methods I needed. I began working with fabric dolls and then, after attending some training courses, I started making my first porcelain dolls.

PG: What inspires you when creating a doll sculpt?

Fiorenza:  My great inspiration are children: I love their expressions, their pouts, their wonderful smiles! When I reproduce them, I’m happy! I take inspiration looking baby magazines and, of course, reproducing my real children when they are babies. 

PG: What is your favorite part of the sculpting process? 

Fiorenza: In 2001 I’m sculpted my first baby with polymer clay which allows me to practice my favorite techniques like sculpting, painting and sewing (my sewing skills were handed down by my mother, who is an excellent dressmaker).In the sculpture process I love to shape the baby's face, while it is not as fun to shape the hands ...  

PG: What do you think makes Pixie Girl so special?

Fiorenza: One of my great passions is the world of fantasy, I love sculpting fairies, gnomes and pixies; I was very happy to see one of my babies reproduced as a fairy, I find Pixie Girl really adorable! I love her red hair and green eyes very much, and I think the outfit is perfect for a forest fairy.

After high demand, Pixie Girl is back in stock and ready to flutter her way into your home and heart today.