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In a sea of fish, Pearl Little Mermaid is the doll of your wildest dreams. We're proud to welcome this magical little girl to our collection of dolls. 

The Making of a Mermaid

Creating a Paradise Galleries doll is an art form, with many stages of planning, design and creation.

When Diane (our in-house doll designer), first began designing Pearl Little Mermaid, she was inspired by this whimsical quote. From her seaweed inspired face decal to her sparkly sequin bodice, elements of the sea and bright spots can be seen throughout her design

Seashells, seaweed and fish scales are all incorporated into Pearl Little Mermaid's ensemble to make her the most magical girl you've ever laid your eyes on. 

While creating this little girls outfit, Diane had the creative spark to little pearls throughout her entire ensemble. The entire team loved the pearl accents so much, we decided to name her after them!  

Behind the Scenes

Everyone at the Paradise Galleries office was eager to receive Pearl Little Mermaid and see her in the flesh. Since we all loved Mystic Mermaid so much, we were excited to see another mermaid added to our nursery. Like all of our dolls, photographing them and trying to evoke their magic through pictures is such an important part of our process. Diane, our in house designer, works with Sung (our Southern California Photographer) and Jasmin (our in house Graphic Designer) to capture the dolls beauty on film. For Pearl Little Mermaid, the team paid close attention to her luscious braid and made sure it looked just right on camera. What's great about her locks is you can re-braid it or let it cascade down it all of its long, blonde glory. #MermaidHairDontCare

And don't forget, all of our Paradise Galleries dolls are created by experts and backed by the Paradise Promise.
We stand behind the high-end quality of each of our dolls, sure in the knowledge that you'll love them as much as we do. 

Pearl Little Mermaid Paradise Galleries
Pearl Little Mermaid Paradise Galleries
Pearl Little Mermaid Paradise Galleries


  • Judy RysdamMar 18, 2020

    I am going to by her this next week`I thing

    I am going to by her next week I believe she will go well with my other fantasy doll

  • kivrinSep 05, 2019

    i cant wait to get her im saving up her name will be kishiko

  • Ana Mas GonzálezJun 18, 2019

    Oh She’s amazing beautiful I don’t wait for buying!!!

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