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The Art of Expression of Nora with Lauren Faith Jaimes

Baby Nora is our latest smiling lifelike doll sculpted by artist Lauren Faith Jaimes. Come along and discover the story behind our newest addition as we interview Lauren about the inspiration and craftsmanship behind Nora. 💕


Can you walk us through how you approached Baby Nora's design process?

I am Lauren Faith Jaimes, the sculpting artist of Paradise Galleries new baby Nora. Nora is a portrait sculpt of Paradise Galleries very own Carly’s dear friend’s baby. Nora is such a cutie pie, and a very expressive baby!

Expression is my favorite thing to sculpt, especially happy babies. I was in love with Nora at first sight. I find that my best creations are born when I feel that kind of connection with the subject or person I’m sculpting. I have to feel it.

What materials and/or techniques did you use to create Nora?

The first steps in creating Nora involved viewing many photos of her from all angles, creating a reference involving measurements and mapping of her little face specific to the size doll desired.The actual sculpt began as an armature with glass eyes attached at measurements same as my main photo reference. I then began building her face with many layers of polymer clay. Constantly checking the sculpt in varying light and against with my own photos of the sculpt next to Noras photo. This took place over many hours and days.

Once completed, the sculpt was sanded multiple times and many layers of heat set paints applied along with a mohair wig. By the time she was finished, her little face seemed etched upon my brain forever. I plan to show this progression in a reel on my instagram soon! So much goes into a portrait sculpt I love to show the actual process from block of clay to a finished product, both my own original next to Paradise Galleries production. I think they did a wonderful job with Nora!


Nora's  original mold in clay by artist Lauren Faith Jaimes

Nora is a happy baby! What do you hope people feel or experience when they see Nora for the first time?

I like to say my babies are “A little bit of Heaven from me to you!” I hope Nora brings smiles and complete joy from the heart the instant someone sees her. This is what I felt and saw in the original Nora’s photos and translated into her sculpt.


Fill your nursery with joyous moments along our smiling Baby Nora!

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Learn More About The Artist

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Lauren Faith Jaimes

Lauren Faith Jaimes began her journey as sculptor in 2012, when she took a break from nursing. She is an equestrian, dog trainer, proud wife, and grandmother. Lauren’s work highlights personality and her soul's work. When she began sculpting, she was happy just to sculpt something that looked somewhat human. She started out creating wide-eyed, innocent little girls in dresses, and still loves doing that. However, with Lauren’s artistic skills ever changing, she has more ability to convey expression and a story in her work. She lives by the mantra, "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

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