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We are so excited to introduce you to Tamar Alvarez, a designer of dresses for dolls. Many of you have seen Tamar's gorgeous creations on social media, and even purchased Tamar's dresses for your Paradise Galleries dolls! We have absolutely loved seeing our dolls dressed in Tamar's creative designs, and we are so honored to feature her. Read on to learn about Tamar's background and what inspires her! 

Our Paradise Galleries dolls dressed in Tamar's beautiful designs!

PG: Please tell us about yourself! Where are you from?

TA: My name is Tamar Alvarez and I’m from Añasco, Puerto Rico. I’m a Biologist, an animal lover and I have loved dolls since I was a little girl. As a grown up I started collecting dolls in 2002. I have 50 dolls in my collection. Last year I bought my first Paradise Galleries doll, I fell in love with them. Now I have 11 Paradise Galleries dolls and I plan to get more.

I make doll clothes and I have an online doll clothing business: “Tammy’s Doll Boutique”. I sew for many different kinds of dolls and I sell my creations mainly on Etsy and Ebay and also through social media.

PG: When did you start designing dresses for dolls?

TA: I started in 2005, while I was still working at a pharmaceutical company. I wanted to redress my dolls but I never found baby clothes that fit the way I wanted them to. After my job contract ended, I started selling my doll clothes and my customers loved them. This is when my business started. My creations have been bought by doll collectors all over the world, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, France, New Zealand, Thailand, Russia and other countries. 

PG: Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

TA: My inspiration comes mainly from the doll itself, I look at the doll and I know what kind of dress will make her “come alive”. I also get inspired by fabrics, I look at them and the ideas just come flowing to my mind and I know exactly what I want to make with them and for which doll.

But my biggest inspiration comes from my wonderful customers. Their happiness when they get their doll clothes inspires me and that is what makes me want to keep sewing for dolls.

What do you love about your craft?

Everything, from designing the dresses to choosing the right fabric, the right colors, the joy of having the finished product in my hand and trying it on the doll. It is a process that I love. Makes me happy. But what I love the most is that it makes my customers happy. 

Do you love Tamar Alvarez's designs? Visit her Etsy Shop to purchase outfits for your dolls!