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We are thrilled to announce Susan Clough as our Paradise Galleries Fan of the Month! We have loved seeing all of her beautiful photos of her dolls on social media and our team is very excited to feature her 💕
Read more about why she loves Paradise Galleries and being a doll collector!  

What is your favorite thing about being a doll collector?

My favorite thing about being a doll collector is having dolls I really connect with and I find them beautiful to look at. There are so many especially from Paradise Galleries. I do believe my doll collection contains 80% Paradise Galleries Dolls.

What do you love about Paradise Galleries?

I love the realistic look on the faces of the Paradise Galleries Dolls! They have expressions I see on my 5 month old grandson. They are so lifelike. The artists are so talented.

What was the first PG doll that you brought home?

The first Paradise Galleries Doll I brought home was Royal Prince back in 2013. At the time I was interested in the Royal family having a baby prince. After that my collection grew!

Do you have a favorite doll?

I have many favorite Paradise Galleries dolls in my collection. I rotate the dolls so I can see them all. My house is small so I am limited in space. Many of my dolls are stored and then taken back out when the mood hits me and I miss see particular dolls. I love Miss Kitty Kate and Little Skipper for example. I am going to display them today when I have time!!!

Our Fan of the Month will have the opportunity to choose a charity of their choice to which we will donate a doll on their behalf.
Susan has very generously designated the St. Jude's Children's Hospital as her chosen charity, and we are delighted to donate our
Two Peas in a Pod
twin dolls to their organization!