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Summer Solstice is June 20: Time for Summer Fun!

The first day of summer is almost here! Monday, June 20 marks Summer Solstice. School is out, the sun is shining, and your kids are ready to play! Need help keeping them (and you!) entertained? Read this great list of 101 fun things to do to keep your kids entertained during the summer. 

Here at Paradise Galleries, our beloved Yummy in My Tummy doll is ready for the season! Here she is wearing one of her 4 themed outfits.

This Summer outfit features a bid with a sunshine appliqué, a pink wide brim hat with scalloped lace trim and a swirled lollipop! Check out her other looks here.

We hope this summer is fun, memorable, and safe for everyone. Be sure to apply, and re-apply, sunscreen all day long. And always keep a close eye on kids when they are near the water. Let us know how you are spending your summer days in the Comments below! #summer2016 #paradisegalleries #summerfun #yummyinmytummy

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