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In The Spotlight: Meet Elma! 

For this month's spotlight, we are happy to introduce our Senior Director of Product Development, Elma! Her dash of creativity and a brimful cup of passion makes all the magic happen in Paradise Galleries HQ! Take a peek & meet Elma as she shares some wonderful facts about herself!

🌸 Tell us a little bit about yourself

My journey in Product Development career began with growing up watching my grandparents create beautiful handmade product in their workshop. Naturally so, I was drawn to earning a BA in Art of Fashion Merchandising and Textiles. The love and passion for creating and innovating has always been a part of who I am.

It wasn’t until I found my love in the reborn world of Paradise Galleries realistic dolls, accessories and crafts where I truly feel fortunate to be in line of work with creating beautiful product. This dynamic job always has a new challenge in store for me which allows me to grow and learn. Paradise Galleries is an ever-evolving brand that thrives in novel art, designs, concepts, materials, fabrics and technologies. 

We take pride in being economically conscious in terms of sustainability and exploring recyclable utilization. Above all it is the excitement of product launch by working with my team creating successful product we strongly believe in is the most rewarding. 

I am a proud mom of an amazing 4-year-old boy who gave me true meaning to life. We currently live in Aliso Viejo, California. I love to spend my free time with my son in Laguna Beach playing, making sandcastles and eating gelato. I also like to go for a run or take my road bike for a spin out in the nature. A great book and travel inspire me. The fun in spending time with my friends & family, shopping and occasionally cooking something new brings great balance to life.

🌸 What has been your proudest moment at Paradise Galleries?

It is very important to us to serve the reborn communities where we have the opportunities to make positive contributions through volunteering, charities and non-profit organizations. We support our customers and communities with causes that we are passionate about and bring purpose to life.

🌸 Tell us three words to describe yourself?

Responsible, determined, friendly.

🌸 What's your favorite part of working at PG?

I truly enjoy working at PG in every aspect of Crafting Dolls. It is a vibrant environment with endless creativity. We love to engage with our customers when it comes to product development. Our customers feedback is very important to us and our driving force to provide product that will make everyone happy. My favorite part of working at Paradise Galleries is that we actually get to create together with artists and our customers. The in-sync unique relationship we have with our customers, their input and feedback are what allows us to express our vision and creativity to convey magic in our dolls.

🌸 Tell us 1 thing from your bucket list you still need to check off

Do Yoga in Bali!

🌸 Even though we know it's like picking a favorite child, which doll is your favorite?

That’s an interesting question because all PG dolls are my favorite. But I can say that my favorite doll right now is Surprise & Delight. She glows with her adorable soft eyes, precise realistic features and posh outfit. She comes with a surprise, which I love because it’s twice the excitement!!

That's a little bit about Elma! Would you also love to try yoga in Bali just like her? Let us know in the comments! 
Stay tuned to see who's next in the spotlight!