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The Paradise Galleries team, headquartered in Southern California, is not only passionate about these special dolls but also dedicated to creating a product you will love. Our team along with our loyal customers are the heart and soul of Paradise Galleries. We want you, the customer, to know a bit more about the people behind the dolls you love so much so that's why we've created "The People of Paradise Galleries". Each month, we will feature 1 of our team members so you feel like you know us a little bit better. In the spotlight this month is Diane, our in house doll designer, who has designed some of our most beloved dolls, including Pixie Girl!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My future in design was apparent at an early age when fellow kindergartners’ commissioned art to color in on the playground. I was always passionate about drawing, and liked to create my own unique designs. I attended SDSU and graduated with honors, earning a BA in Art with an emphasis in Graphic Communications. I have a print background and can even run a printing press. I’ve been doing product development for the past 30 years, first for an inspirational jewelry company and then for gift products.

I married my college sweetheart and have 2 children. We currently live in Laguna Niguel, California. In my free time I like to cook, read and go shopping with my daughter. We have a boat so when the weather’s warm we escape to the River to waterski and relax.

Creating dolls for Paradise Galleries is my dream job. I love working with sculptors from all over the world. It always amazes me how they bring these baby’s to life, I don’t know how they are able to let their sculpts go and come to me. I do my best to find the perfect theme and enjoy watching them develop into amazing new dolls.
I’ve created products in resin, glass, metal, and fabric.

What has been your proudest moment at Paradise Galleries?

The success we had with Pixie Girl!

Tell us 3 words to describe yourself.

Creative, kind & dedicated.

Tell us 1 thing from your bucket list you still need to check off.

Traveling to Italy and Paris with my girlfriends.

What is your favorite part of creating dolls for PG?

I enjoy taking artists' sculpts and watching them develop into amazing new dolls.

Even though we know it's picking a favorite child, which doll from Paradise Galleries is your favorite?

Diane: I really do have many favorites. Some are beautiful – Baby Bella, some are unique – Pixie, and some are so realistic looking that I’ve even done a double take - Wishes & Dreams. I do have to say that Dearly Loved is a much loved favorite, especially now with her pixie ears!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know our in-house doll designer Diane. Do you like learning more about the Paradise Galleries team? Let us know below in the comments. Stay tuned next month for our next spotlight!