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Feel the deepest connection as her heart beats against yours.
We're delighted to welcome
Sleeping Tall Dreams to our nursery. 

Just like babies, each and every Paradise Galleries doll in special in their own way, but Sleeping Tall Dreams is extremely unique.

For the first time in Paradise Galleries Reborn history, you'll be able to snuggle up with your doll and feel her heart beat against your chest for a truly magical bond.

Simply unbutton her soft little sleeper, open the Velcro pocket and you'll find the heart technology.

Pull on the clear tab and press the heart to feel the beating. Once activated, secure the heart back into the pocket. Now every time you hug your precious darling you'll marvel at the feeling of true love's heart beat.

The original Tall Dreams has been a part of Paradise Galleries dearly loved collection for as long as we can remember. And now, this little girl is all grown up! From her playful bunches, to cute button nose she captures all the charm of her younger self with added playful character. And when you've held her tight, and felt her heart beat softly, lay her down with her oh so soft blanket and adorable Giraffe theme pillow for a restful nights sleep alongside you.

Sleeping Tall Dreams Behind The Scene
Paradise Galleries Sleeping Tall Dreams
Paradise Galleries Sleeping Tall Dreams
Paradise Galleries Sleeping Tall Dreams