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Say Hello to Our NEW Swaddler Babies!

Do you ever wish you could freeze the moments of time? With our newest arrivals, Paradise Galleries Swaddler Trio, you could recreate those most treasured memories of early parenthood and make new ones together.

Our Swaddler Trio are brought to life for a realistic experience of carry and nurture a baby in your arms. Each expertly sculpted by world-renowned doll artist Michelle Fagan, who sculpted  our top-favorite Tall Dreams Ensemble, Little Elephant, Bow Cute and Checked Out are ready to fill your home with love and happiness.

Measured 18 inches from their head to tiny little toes, our swaddler babies are sized and weighted to feel like a real infant.  They are made from our SoftTouch™ Vinyl which gives them the fresh baby powder scent that even young reborn parents will love. 

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Meet Little Elephant, Bow Cute, & Checked Out! 💖  

Little Elephant Swaddler Baby

🧸 Gender-neutral infant doll 

Paradise Galleries Little Elephant is outfitted in a white graphic onesie with a printed heart decal, a diaper, and a grey and white striped knit cap. He also comes with a grey cotton swaddling blanket with an elephant print and a white magnetic pacifier.

Bring home Little Elephant!

Bow Cute Swaddler Baby

🧸 Girl infant doll 

Pretty in pink, Paradise Galleries Bow Cute wears a white graphic onesie with a printed heart decal and pink edging, and a matching pink and white striped knit cap. 💕 She also comes with a diaper, a soft receiving blanket, and a pink magnetic pacifier.

Bring home Bow Cute!

Checked Out Swaddler Baby

🧸 Sleeping boy infant doll 

Paradise Galleries Checked Out gently sleeps in his white onesie with printed heart decal and blue edging, and blue and white striped knit cap. He also comes with a diaper, a soft cotton checkered swaddling blanket and blue magnetic pacifier.

Bring home Checked Out!

Browse Swaddler Trio's baby photo album!

Bow Cute is bundled up and ready for wintertime! ❄️ 

Checked Out sleeps soundly while tucked in his blanket!

Look at those hand-painted baby hair!

Isn't Little Elephant so photogenic?