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Paradise Galleries is proud to announce the arrival of our very first magical spirit, Pixie Girl. 
Promised to sprinkle a little bit of pixie dust wherever she goes, Pixie Girl is a welcome addition to the PG family.  

Artistic Inspiration


Shadowing the outfits of traditional Pixies, Sprites and Fairies, Pixie girl is  dressed for magic. Taking inspiration from tales of folklore, Pixie Girl wears a delicate iridescent blue dress & contrasting purple bloomers.  

Looking as though she has fluttered out from her woodland dwelling, her shimmering tulle fairy wings peak out from behind. It's really the enchanting finishing touches that make our very first fairy doll a must for all doll collectors across the world. 


Pixie Girl’s whimsical accessories were heavily influenced by the Antique flower fairies of the Victorian Era. Traditional Flower Fairy paintings across this historical era  all show mystical pixies and Fairies surrounded by botanical beauty, which is beautifully translated into the design of Pixie Girl’s intricate hair wreath.

Here we see little green leaves and purple flowers intertwine to add a delicate touch to Pixie Girl's Celtic inspired Auburn hair. The added dainty foliage that finish her bohemian braids, compliment the theme perfectly.


Paradise Galleries Pixie Girl

Creating a Paradise Galleries doll is an art form, with many stages of planning, design and creation.

Months of work from a huge team of doll experts all feed together to produce a doll that will bring the magic of companionship to the heart of its new home.

During the design process, Diane (our in-house doll designer) had the creative spark to add pixie like pointed ears to give Pixie Girl an elf like spirit. 

Adding as much forestry inspired magic to her design was crucial for our Pixie Girl. So Diane expertly framed Pixie Girl's enchanting moss green eyes with glimmering eyeliner, and decorated her cheek bones with butterfly face decals for extra charm.

Here in the Orange County, CA, Headquarters, our favorite part of the creation process is when we finally get to unwrap our first sample and hold the new addition in our arms. 

Paradise Galleries Pixie Girl

Behind the Scenes

Everyone in the office is always keen to see our latest baby doll and fall head over heels in love with every intricate detail. When you finally get to feel the weight of those creations in you arms, you really get to see the craftsmanship that comes together to make Paradise Galleries a specialty.  Our fun doesn't stop there! After we receive our latest addition, Diane works with Sung (our Southern California Photographer) and Jasmin (our in house Graphic Designer) to capture the dolls beauty on film. Producing photographs that captivate the magic within the dolls allows us to share the majesty and true personality with all of our PG fans.

And don't forget, all of our Paradise Galleries dolls are created by experts and backed by The Paradise Promise. 
We stand behind the high-end quality of each of our dolls, sure in the knowledge that you’ll love them as much as we do.

Paradise Galleries Pixie Girl
Paradise Galleries Pixie Girl
Paradise Galleries Pixie Girl