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Pixie Girl has a little sister! Meet Petal Pixie, our curly-haired beauty who comes with an extra bit of magic. 

“Have e’er you seen the Pixies, the fold not blest or banned?
They walk upon the waters; they sail upon the land,
They make the green grass greener where’er their footsteps fall,
The wildest hind in the forest comes at their call.” – Nora Chesson

With the success of our popular Pixie Girl, launched in April 2019, we couldn’t wait to add more fairy babies to our collection. Pixie Girl’s sculpt from Fiorenza Biancheri perfectly captured the a child from fantasy, with her large eyes, chubby baby cheeks, and pouty lips. Our next pixie baby would be the cherished little sister of Pixie Girl, with the same breathtaking features that made her so loved by the Paradise Galleries community. 

In the first conceptualizing of our next fairy doll, our in-house product designer Diane Blough used another Paradise Galleries doll with Biancheri’s sculpt, our adorable Sweet Sister, as a prototype. On Sweet Sister, Diane sketched face decals and pixie ears. To make her different from our original pixie, this prototype would be a pink, floral-themed baby as opposed to Pixie Girl’s woodland, forest-themed concept.

With Biancheri’s sculpt for Sweet Sister as the inspiration, Diane changed her features to make her look like a younger version of Pixie Girl. Her eye shape and color was transformed to be a shimmery green, her lips were recreated to be fuller, and her chin had the sweet addition of a tiny dimple. Unlike Pixie Girl's fiery red hair, her baby sister has adorable bouncy blonde Shirley Temple style curls. 

Diane envisioned this Pixie’s dress to look like a flower, with whimsical swashes of bright neon colors and pastel colors. Her bodice would be an homage to our original pixie’s moss-green color scheme, but her flutter sleeves, skirt, and accessories would be completely original. In Diane’s sketch of our new pixie’s dress, the silhouette looked like petals, and thus she was officially named Petal Pixie. Diane added elegant pink daises to Petal Pixie’s empire waist dress and in her floral hair wreath. Like Pixie Girl, Petal Pixie wears velvet green pixie shoes, but instead of the twine wraparound ties of our original Pixie, Petal Pixie has green satin ribbons that elegantly tie around her legs.

As all pixies, Petal Pixie has glorious oversized wings, but unlike her predecessor, her wings are a transparent soft pink with gold outlines, in contrast to her bright-colored outfit. Many of our customers who own Pixie Girl expressed that they wish that her wings can come off, so in Petal Pixie, her wings are completely detachable with button closures. 

After Pixie Girl was created, Diane thought it would have been a good idea to give her an extra special accessory - something that all pixies are known for. In Petal Pixie, her vision was realized. Around her neck, hung by a soft pink satin ribbon, is a little vial of Pixie Dust, that she sprinkles around whe’ere she goes spreading her magic, beauty and joy to all those she comes across.