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The past few weeks have been a trying time for all of us globally with social distancing, and uncertainty about what the months ahead will bring.

One of the main concerns during this time is the restricted visitation with the elderly community, and the family members that worry about their loved ones who are isolated in nursing homes or assisted care living. 

We at Paradise Galleries empathize with those senior citizens who are lonely and miss being in contact with their family members. We have donated our reborn dolls to senior homes in the past, and it always warms our hearts to see how much our dolls bring them so much companionship and security.

To do our part, we would like to continue donating our dolls to those in senior living facilities, but we need your help!

If there is a nursing home that you would like us to donate our dolls to, please nominate them by commenting below with the name and location of the home. We will be choosing 3 facilities at random that will receive our dolls to love and cuddle!

Thank you for helping us share the love by bringing those in the elderly community dolls and smiles together.  


  • JenniferApr 19, 2020

    I’m an Activity Director @ Life Care Center in rural TN. Our residents would love to have some of these beautiful babies to boost their spirits. We are located in Centerville, home of Minnie Pearl.

  • Marsha SandersApr 19, 2020

    I would like to nominate Life Care Center of Centerville, Tennessee.. a long term care facility with a specialty area for dementia residents, we love our residents and they deserve this.. Some of our residents have Dementia and continually think that some dolls are their children or grandchildren, as heartbreaking as it is, they still get some comfort from the dolls.

  • Nikki GayApr 19, 2020

    I am a CNA at LifeCare Centerville TN, our patients, would love a chance at these babies, I see the affect, of my patients, isolated and not being able to see their families, it’s sad that, we try everything possible to make our residents, feel our love, and they are just wanting, their families! We have a special unit at our facility, for dementia patients, it’s called hopes place, I really think these beautiful babies, would help, our residents,by showing them, that they are really cared for! I am sure that any, nursing facility, would be greatly appreciative, in these trying times

  • Sam nortonApr 19, 2020

    Elderwood of Ticonderoga. Residents have to buy their own and very few have the means to do so. Everyone loves seeing theses lovely babies.

  • Kavitha SubramaniamApr 19, 2020

    Senior Life Home Care
    8396 Six Forks Rd #103,
    Raleigh, NC 27615

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