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The boys in blue are ready to celebrate Memorial Day weekend!
Noah's Ark, Lions, Tigers & Bears, Oh My! and Wonderfully Made are excited for a fun filled weekend together!

Memorial Day is a time of gratitude and a moment for sharing precious memories with your loved ones. Many use the holiday to spend time with the ones they love in the great outdoors.

And that's exactly why our handsome little Lions, Tigers, Bears, Oh My is looking forward to putting one of his best outfits (he has 3 of them!) and heading out for a picnic at the park with his good friends Noah's Ark and Wonderfully Made.

And when he gets tired after all his play, he can cuddle down in his soft, cozy blanket for a holiday time nap. 

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 Noah's Ark
is our special little water loving baby, so heading to the lake for a picnic with his friends is top on his list of Memorial Day celebrations!

Sometimes it's chilly out near the open water, but thankfully Noah's soft footed velour sleeper and a matching cap will keep him snug and warm.

And if you want Noah's Ark to join you on your long weekend  Use code: NOAHto receive $10 off this special boy. 

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Last but not least on this Memorial Day weekend adventure is our beautiful Wonderfully Made.

His big, brown eyes and perfectly ringed curls will make you fall in love with him the minute you lay eyes on him.

When he's not playing in the park with his friends, he'll be hanging out with his Mom. Because, as his bib says, his mom rules!

Whether you're having a BBQ or organizing a family picnic, Wonderfully Made is always willing to lend a helping hand (and he'll bring his plush hammer too!) 

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Paradise Galleries express our gratitude for all the courageous men & women who have served for our country.
May your Memorial Day weekend be filled with cherished memories & peace.