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Meet Lil' Rebel

Slip into the fashion world with our cutest mama's boy, Lil' Rebel!Prepare to be charmed by his sweet, authentic #OOTD and feel the love that is unique to this adorable little dude!

Down Syndrome Baby Noah

"Just a boy who loves his mama!"

Some babies were born with a fashion sense, and Lil' Rebel is one of them! Call it 'style gene' but this little toddler boy prefers to stand out from the rest with his out-of-the-norm style and cool look!

 Debuted as a toddler girl named Hippity Hop Hailey released in 2019, this doll sculpt by world-renowned doll artist Jannie de Lange looks and feels amazingly realistic with his gorgeous blue eyes, rosy pudgy cheeks, and stylishly soft black hair. His ultra-detailed fingers and face creases look just like of a real baby's. Thanks to our popular choice GentleTouch Vinyl, this little dude doesn't just have the look but the quality as well! Enjoy his smooth to touch vinyl limbs, flexible fingers and toes, and his squeezable baby cheeks that will make you love him more!

Lil' Rebel shirt print

Lil' Rebel's cool & hip ensemble

His right tattoo sleeve art

Out of the mainstream look with a customized twist of originality. 

Lil' Rebel is totally nailing his #OOTD with his statement black hipster shirt designed by our in-house doll designer Diane. Take a closer look to his printed vibrant tattoo sleeves sewn to his shirt and you'll see a cute heart with "MOM" written on it, representing his forever love to his mom.

Meet the Doll Artist Behind This Doll

Down Syndrome Baby Noah

Jannie de Lange

Jannies passions for dolls started during a childhood visit to a doll show that exposed her to the world of hand sculpted dolls. On her return, she immediately enrolled in a sculpting class and hasnt looked back since! Sculpting her own dolls since 1994, Jannie quickly developed her own style and has been nominated for an array of awards, including the Vinyl-doll Nischi at Paradise Galleries for the Dolls Award of Excellence in 2010.

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