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Meet Itty Bitty Silicone Baby Boy!

Complete your mini nursery with Itty Bitty Baby Boy! 💙

Welcome to the world, Itty Bitty Baby Boy! We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our latest mini silicone doll, the adorable third baby to join our precious Itty Bitty Babies collection. ✨

Just like our beloved Little Darling and Baby Girl, Baby Boy is hand-sculpted by world-renowned doll artist Ping Lau from our soft and squishy SilkTouch Silicone, making him perfect for cuddles! 💖 At a sweet 5 inches tall, he fits snugly in your hand, bringing joy wherever he goes.

Our Itty Bitty Babies are handmade with love. When you take each of Baby Boy home, you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity with the Ping's signature in a little Paradise Galleries Collector's Box. 💞

SilkTouch™ Silicone

Get the feel of our exclusive SilkTouch™ Silicone, our latest premium material for dolls. This silicone enhances your doll experience with its softness and squeezable texture, giving dolls realistic features that include squeezable baby cheeks, flexible fingers, and toes, and a delightful powder scent. Plus, this material is bathable! After bath time, pat dry thoroughly and use baby powder.

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Baby Boy

⭐ Anatomically correct doll

Paradise Galleries Baby Boy is a 5” silicone newborn boy doll with a light skin tone. Wrapped snugly in his cozy blue printed blanket, this mini silicone boy is all set for cuddles and snuggles. Plus, he comes with a blue cloth diaper and a blue miniature baby bottle for imaginative playtime fun with you!

Bring home Baby Boy! 🍼

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Meet the Artist Behind Itty Bitty Babies

Ping Lau

Raised and educated in Singapore, Ping Lau started experimenting with doll sculpting in 1989. Taking several years to hone her skills, her dolls receive tremendous response and recognition whenever they are shown and are occasionally mistaken for real children.

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